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Fall Antique Box Gourd Pumpkin Butter Paddle Acorns Grater LIghts Up Fabulous


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Are you ready for Autumn? I find that no matter how many beautiful decorations I have, if I see something really special I will always find room for it in my home. This next offering does not take up much room and will hopefully find a special place in your home to welcome Autumn with a whisper of lit magic!

My inspiration for this gathering came from a primitive box I found along the way and I filled it with grey primitive moss. The color of this advertising box is a warm nutmeg brown with dark areas scattered throughout and has so much character.

It sports a label that says, "120 Penny Hearts" manufactured by the New England Confectionery company, Boston that started business in 1847. The word "Necco" is also printed on the left portion of the label in the circle. We all should remember the colorful candy wafers they made and still do. This box was probably used as a display piece in a general store that once held candy. The label is about 75 per cent intact and has a very primitive look because of the dark colors. The box is in good condition and at one point had a sliding lid as there are groves present near the top.

I incorporated a warty gourd named, "Ichabod" to add some whimsy to this gathering stitched up in old black wool and backed with honey burlap. I added a real pumpkin stem to this gourd and wrapped cheesecloth around it for a unique look. The bumpy warts are so appealing to "prim folks" and are a delicious change from the other smooth gourds we own! I just love these little guys!

Next, I added a white pumpkin I dried that compliments the warty gourd splendidly. A couple slices of quince, a sweet gum ball, pine cones, a wonderful bittersweet orange large pod, a wood cotton pod accented with a wee pumpkin, two pieces of anise and acorns were chosen to lend a forest floor rustic look.

A dark tart tin full of acorns sits on top of an old butter paddle, in great condition I might add, that is another focal point in this arrangement. I added two felted wool acorns that are highlighted with sage green mixed in with amber and sorrel hues as referenced in image 4!

Lastly, I had an idea to light this Autumn arrangement up using a small light and a half moon shaped dark tin grater with two round feet, in the back right corner. The grater has a wooden handle and the punched tin reflects the light perfectly as when lit, this piece is really spectacular! Two dark brown pods adorn the front and are tied with string. Wee pumpkins were glued inside the pods to add color.

An orange 4 Watt Flicker Flame Silicone Bulb accompanies this light and casts a warm glow on Mother Natures Autumn creations. The light has a switch in the middle so you can easily turn it off without unplugging the cord from the wall. If you would like to purchase a replacement bulb just add this to your cart at the bottom of this listing.

Another idea is to use this for Christmas decorating as the contents can be removed and replaced with greens and berries. This unique one of a kind arrangement will certainly get attention especially when lit and promises to be a cozy and warm attribute to your homestead! Happy Autumn and Enjoy!

The box measures 10 1/2" Across, 3" Tall & 7 1/2" Deep. Butter Paddle is 9 " Long & 3" @ the widest point. "Ichabod", the pumpkin stands almost 7" Tall including the stem, ( 4 1/2" without) & 4 1/2" across the bottom. Grater stands 9 1/4" Tall, includes the handle and foot measurement, ( 6 1/4" without) & is about 3" across. The oval Tart Tin is 3" long and almost 3/4" Tall. Acorns vary in size from 1 1/4" to 3/4". The dried pumpkin stands 2 1/2" Tall including the stem, 3" across the top, & 2 1/2" across the bottom.

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