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Fall Primitive Country Saltbox Landscape Painting Autumn Poem Artisan Made Unique


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I know you have heard of Christmas in July, but what about Autumn in July? It could happen and did back in 2005 when I created this project keeping in mind all the splendor that reminds me of autumn.

I worked in two mediums, painting and sewing to create this one of a kind piece, that can be hung above a table offering plenty of autumn enchantment. Old roof shingles were used for the frame to lend a rustic and primitive look. I found an appropriate fall poem and decided to stitch this onto onesburg fabric using black thread. I created a scene from my "minds eye" out in the country on a crisp fall day, in the Rufus Porter style of painting. He was an itinerant painter of the 19th century who frequented the East Coast and was hired to create fresco's on walls and above mantles in affluent homes. His work was discovered by Jean Lipman years ago and there are several books published on this subject.

The saltbox resides in a bucolic setting flanked with folksy trees and a meandering pathway that leads towards the hill. A couple of pumpkins dot the landscape under the protection of a large tree and will be carved come "All Hallows Eve". Majestic mountains in the background can be seen from the valley below and will be white capped when winter arrives. The leaves are turning boasting vibrant Autumn colors that have dropped effortlessly to the ground.

This fabric canvas was hand stitched using black thread, onto mustard homespun with a touch of nutmeg brown which creates a vivid border. I carried over the tree theme on the frame as referenced in images 6 & 7, to add more visual interest. I always reference the weather conditions of that specific day when the project was completed as shown on the back of of the painting in image 9 along with my signature. You can either hang this by the thread loop or you can also use the back of the shingle, as it protrudes out just enough to catch a small nail with a head on it.

This unusual creation will certainly be a lovely addition to any wall it is placed on and will capture the spirit of autumn in your homestead rendering whispers of the past. Enjoy!

Measures 13" Tall on the right hand side of the frame from the top to the bottom, 14" across from the upper left edge to the right & is 1/2" thick.

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