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Foot Stool Three Legged 19th Century Great Form


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This delightful mid to late 19th century hand carved stool has plenty of character and the form could not be better. It is also of the smaller variety if space is at a premium! The beautiful patina really shines though that resembles a rich crushed walnut hue while the surface lends a gentle shine though not distracting.

The stool does possess a bit of quirkiness that just adds to its charm as the top slants forward along with a curved front leg. The slightly elevated mortised leg construction clearly revealed on the top ledge act as a resting point for accessories to prevent them from falling forward as shown in the first picture. Old holes are sprinkled at random. However there are no signs of active insects present.

The surface has experienced honest wear especially on the front edges. There is some wood loss on the front bottom portion of the leg as well as on the inner side area as referenced in images 14 & 15. A crack that starts near the top cascades downward about three quarters on the left leg as shown in image 11.

The underside of the stool has experienced cracks along with minor wood loss that occurred over time, see image 18. Dark areas are also prevalent and sprinkled at random on the underside near the edge as well as on the legs (see images 16 & 17). The legs are sturdy even though the front has minimal play.

Overall condition is good and this piece displays very well! It seems to beckon a cozy corner to call its own and respectfully encourages your keen ideas for decorating! It promises to be a favorite antique in your lovely home! Enjoy!

Stool stands 5 ½” tall in the front with a slight “lean to” of 6 ¼” in the back location, measures 10” across the top @ the widest point, 5” front to back @ the widest point Left hand side area and measures 9 ½” taking into account the protruding bottom of the front leg (front to back).

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