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Four Piece Spoon and Tulip Fork Gathering


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Spoons, rolling pins, cookie cutters and the like are always a necessity when we are searching for pieces to dress our wall boxes, bowls, trenchers, apple boxes and so on. This nice set of utensils would love a place to call home in either one of the above! You will receive three spoons along with a tulip designed fork.

All of the pieces are fashioned from maple and lend a warm and special patina this wood is known for. One of the spoons has a tiny chip on the edge of the bowl and also has experienced being set too close to a fire by a preoccupied cook. The other spoon seems to be a little lighter in color on the back near the edge as shown. It does have a beautiful graining feature inside the bowl.

The last spoon or “stirring stick” offered does not have a “scooping bowl” feature as the flat appearance dictates and was probably used for stirring rather than tasting or basting. The handle is curved as shown and at one point someone decided to add a hook for hanging near the top. The hole remains for this purpose and does lend another displaying option.

The last item in this set is a glorious fork shaped in the form of a tulip….very Pennsylvania Dutch! The seemingly trio of tulip petals form a gentle upward curve which adds dimension. This fork possesses interesting light and dark areas and is in good condition. These items I would consider vintage, i.e. 20th century pieces. A great cook never can have too many kitchen utensils and the same holds true for the collector! Enjoy!

The spoon with the lighter mark on the back measures 15” tall, and the bowl measures 3 ½” across (right to left) and measures 2” tall (vertically). The spoon with a small chip measures 13 ½” tall and the bowl measures 4” across (right to left) and measures 2 ¼” tall middle area (vertically). The stirring stick measures 15 ½” tall and the bottom measures 2” (middle tall (vertically). Tulip Fork measures 16 ¾” tall and the fork area measures 2 ½” at the bottom open end area and measures 4” tall (horizontal position).

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