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Frye Dry Measure 2 Quart Cloth Rabbit Easter Gathering


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This handsome rabbit decided to call home in an early 20th century signed dry measure. The gourd eggs, basket with flax and Prairie grass are also included. This dry measure has interesting history behind it that I thought I would share.

Daniel Cragin of Scottish descent, at the age of 21, rented a room in a woolen goods mill in New Hampshire and started making knife trays and wooden toys. Two years later because of his success he was able to purchase a water powered mill so he could expand his business. He added sugar boxes and dry measures to his line but retired years later at the turn of the century. In 1909 along came Whitney and his father Edmond Frye who decided to purchase the mill from Cragin and produce more of the same woodenware. When Edmond died in 1961 his employee Harland purchased the mill and it is still in existence today.

This 2 quart dry measure (marked on the back), has vibrant and warm patina throughout. Profuse nail bleed can be seen in the front where the lapped over side terminates. The sides were fashioned from oak while pine was favored for the bottom. There is a small crack on the back near the bottom edge as shown in images 8, 9 & 10. The inside bottom does have a large stain that affected some of the stamped Frye trademark. The bottom is held together by side pegs as shown in image 11. Condition is good and this piece displays well.

Mr. Rabbit was hand crafted and fashioned using a gentle aged black fabric. His folksy cotton tail appears on the left side instead of the back. This bunny has hand stitched features and his nose was added using extra fabric. The wee basket filled with dried flax is not particularly old but has a great look.

This gathering is ready to set out and be enjoyed as soon as you receive it! You can certainly substitute the bunny and gourd eggs with seasonal items such as placing flags inside for the 4th and pumpkins for autumn. Great versatile piece that has plenty of decorating options. Enjoy!

Grain measure stands 4 ¾” tall, measures 6 ½” across the top and bottom and is ¼” thick. Rabbit stands 9 ½” tall, measures 3 ½” @ the widest point (bottom) and measures 1 ½” deep. Small basket stands 2 ½” tall and measures 2” across the top.

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