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Gameboard Pennsylvania Influence


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Unique signed and dated double sided gameboard having breadboard ends lends quintessential Pennsylvania flavor showing four opposing pinwheels on the parcheesi side. Backside reveals a quaint checkerboard game.

Rose Flynn created this piece in “1928” and resided in Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania. Subdued colors comprised of green and red while the “broken” center pinwheel element evokes a midnight blue cast. Color variations also exist. All points of interest have been carved creating perky dimension.

Surface abrasions along with a series of holes located near the top middle bar appear to be part of the design. Random paint loss throughout along with typical and expected scratches from moving game pieces across the surface.

Charming piece of folk art not commonly found! Enjoy!

Stands 20” tall, measures 19 ½” across and is ¾” thick.

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