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German Donkey with Vintage Santa Christmas Gathering


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Santa can be seen riding different animals for the holiday season and in this case he chose an adorable donkey to escort him back to the North Pole! I really favor these special pieces as they can be placed on a primitive shelf with holiday greens tucked around to create a festive look in our homes.

The donkey has German roots, though unmarked and sports the traditional stick legs, soft mohair coat along with glass eyes. He did not have a tail when I purchased him but that situation was quickly remedied as real horsehair was used to give him a new one. Some of the leather bridle and saddle straps are missing but his adorable face seems to take center stage boasting a lovely personality all his own! His “fly away ears” are tipped with soft, black spots and his right eye has the same marking. One of his ears located on the right side does tend to stick up and gives this precious guy an alert look! Most of his paper saddle is intact but may not possess the original color. He is in very good condition and stands just fine on his own as his legs do not wiggle and are very sturdy!

Mr. Santa, wearing appropriate attire sports a composition face with chenille arms and legs. I added a tiny tree that he holds in his right hand. Santa was originally an ornament but now rides his donkey in style! He is stuffed and may need a little persuading to sit atop the donkey. You can just fold the area where his black tied belt is located to create a crease and then position him on top of the donkey.

This set lends plenty of holiday whimsey to any Christmas vignette with other animals or a manger nearby. You can also use vintage bottle brush trees, in graduated sizes, to create a forest scene and add Putz sheep too! What a delightful and interesting addition this will make in your home creating instant holiday magic that captures the joyous spirit of Christmas! Enjoy!

Overall height is 6” tall (measuring from the top of Santa’s hat to the bottom of the donkey’s legs. Donkey stands 3 ¼” tall (top of his head to the bottom of his feet), measures 2 ¾” tall from the middle of his back, measures 4” from the tip of his nose to his tail and measures almost 1” across his rump area. Santa stands 4 ¼” tall, measures 2” across @ the widest point (hands) and is ¼” thick.

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