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German Marking and Pictorial Sampler dated 1849 Beautiful


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This silk on linen worked German sampler predominately boasts red and blue fancy lettering along with an array of whimsical focal points that are certainly endearing! “Anna Kristauer” the maker, resided in “Weinheim” (which translates to “Wine Home” in English) who may have lived out in the country possibly on a vineyard. Her sweet disposition clearly shines through as we take in all the detailed elements and focal points that seem to dominate the bottom portion of this remarkable sampler.

The fancy script lettering delights us with nine alphabet rows consisting of upper and lower case letters done in blue, red and a soft cream colored silk thread. The numbers appear just below the ninth row off to the left. Tiny flowers that gently meander in and out of the “U” shaped pathway act as a respite for the next set of alphabet letters located near the top. The same holds true for the continued alphabet series located in the middle but this time Anna chose an inverted grape cluster design.

Anna’s signature and date dominate the right portion of the sampler while the house, kitty cat and two floral baskets are worked just below. A vivid wreath appears in the center location with the letter “A” holding high regard in the middle. The larger flower basket appears on the left hand side of the wreath and the bottom areas are comprised with a series of extended floral accoutrements. Meandering vines incorporate an airy and wispy feel to this wonderful textile and reminds us of the outdoors on a lovely spring day.

This sampler does have numerous holes from fabric loss sprinkled throughout along with small dark areas limited to the bottom portion as shown in images 12, 14 & 15. The stitches are all accounted for albeit the areas of fabric loss. Despite this circumstance, the sampler still shows well and has plenty of charming detail that just may forgive its shortcomings!

This textile is framed under glass. The warm and seasoned patina clearly makes for a beautiful frame that has aged to perfection! The upper left portion of the frame shows a multitude of little recessed areas that form clusters sporting a dark appearance as shown in image 18. The back of the frame holds a piece of cardboard that you may want to reconsider by adding acid free paper to protect the back of the sampler which in turn will protect the entire piece. The frame also has several areas of a chalky white residue located on the back that are sprinkled about at random as referenced in images 23 through 27.

This lovely sampler would grace any wall lending strong color, charm and effective detail that can be enjoyed for years to come! I am sure Anna would be honored that her worked textile has survived and is being appreciated by a loving collector!

Sampler measures 13 3/4" tall by 11 1/4" across.

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