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German Petz Jointed Golden Mohair Bear with Growler Adorable


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The teddies are up in the attic having a tea party and what fun they are having! I thought I would share one with you that is available for adoption as we all could use a pal right about now that we can hug and will hug us back! This darling bear with a growler feature dates to around 1921 to the mid 1930’s and is considered a German Petz bear sporting glass eyes!

The word “Petz” was derived from the German colloquial word for “bear”. “Petz” is the trade-name ~ logo created for Anton Kiesewetter in Coburg, Germany. This company was founded in 1849 but started to design and produce teddy bears along with other animals in the year of 1921.

The strong mohair color attributed to this golden bear is just so pretty lending a warm honey tone that is delightful! He sports a period correct French Americana bow from this era and he is a very patriotic boy indeed! One of the feature characteristics of these bears were the felt applied paws and sewn claws. There is a clue that the original pads on the paws have been replaced as shown in images 7, 8 & 9 because of the hand sewn feature done in white cotton thread.

His growler no longer works but you can hear the mechanism inside when he is turned upside down. He does have a slight hump on his back which again is characteristic of the Petz bears. Another great feature is the ability to move his (jointed) arms and legs along with his head so he can be positioned at will and to your liking!

He does have a small hole on the back of his head just below the right ear and a couple of the stitches are missing as shown in image 15. The stitches are intact on his belly and back area as well as the hand stitched features on his nose and mouth. There is some mohair loss on his ears, face and body that is expected with age and reflects how much he was played with. This darling guy is in overall good condition and there are no odors to report. The excelsior is intact and there does not seem to be any evidence of stuffing showing through anywhere on his body.

Teddy bears remind us of our childhood and invoke warm and fond memories from that time. Considered a treasured toy, bears seem to be passed down and cherished for many years but still holds high regard with today’s collectors because they never seem to lose their charming luster! Each special bear seems to have their own personalities equating to individual characteristics which convey form along with their cute faces that are hard to resist!

This guy has a very alert look and seems to have a keen sense of intelligence about him! A pair of spectacles may be warranted along with a book laid in his lap…..possibly entitled, “American History” as this would tie in with the patriotic theme exhibited on his bow. The last image shows a friend nearby that was recently adopted but he is excited to make new friends in the not too distant future…besides the other buddies in the attic! Enjoy!

Bear measures 19” tall (from the tip of his ear to the bottom of his foot) and measures 7” across @ the widest point just below the shoulder area.

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