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German Putz Stick Leg Sheep Large Size


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The holidays are a perfect time to display our Putz Sheep collections as each one seems to have their own individual personalities! This sheep is unique because of the large size and is harder to find. She has “fly away ears” and also possesses a red bow just above her long (undocked) tail!

The shape of her face is also unusual and her green eyes with black dots have painted eyebrows just above. She proudly sports a red collar and stands up just fine on her own. The stick legs are in great shape and do not wiggle which is a definite plus!

She does have some areas where there is slight fur loss just above her hind legs, on her front shoulders and her on the belly area. Her woolly and nubby coat still look great and definitely keeps her warm throughout the winter months! When you pick her up you can hear something rattling around inside but she is still strong and sturdy! The other interesting feature she possesses are the pronounced hooves which is not commonly found on the smaller sheep variety.

This adorable gal promises to delight your existing collection and will certainly stand out because of her larger size. Enjoy!

She stands 4 ¾” tall (including the top of the head measurement), measures 4 ¾” from the tip of her mouth to the end of her tail and measures 1 ¼” across her back area.

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