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German Wooly Ram Folk Art Very Unique


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Wow, this wooly ram is so unique and has such a sweet face you just can't help but love him! He definitely has folk art appeal and is certainly an "attention getter"! I am listing him in the Christmas section because I think he would be a perfect offering displayed with your Putz sheep collection. Your sheep told me they would adore him!

I acquired this stout little guy about twenty years ago and the person I got him from told me he came all the way from Germany. I am so cramped for space at this point that I feel he needs another home to reside in where he will be appreciated and cherished. He is actually a large size and his fur is made of fleece that is soft yet matted down and firm. Fir was added to his face and he also has glass eyes. It appears there is a recessed area to form the nose that make up two oval shapes that hold a pink undertone that mimics the nostrils quite well.

His horns and feet look like they are fashioned from a composite clay material, possibly formed in a mold. There is wonderful detail on each horn as there are recessed lines that contour to the circular shape located on the outside edge. The horns graduate in thickness and come to a point near the face area.

The form on this ram is just wonderful as he has a protruding chest and short stocky legs. He never had a tail, of all things but that quality is also part of the folksy charm he has learned to live with! His feet do come to a point at the front of each hoof which lends so much character to the overall look. His right front hoof does have a crack that looks like a fracture but this hoof is still very strong and does not wiggle at all. There is a mark on the left front hoof that appears to have a number "7" and a letter "Z" as referenced in image 14.

His "fly away" ears are hard to see but they are intact. The fleece used for his woolly coat is in good condition and there are no stains or other issues to report. His coat does have consistent color throughout. The age is unknown.

This adorable ram is just so special because he is very unique and well made by an skilled artisan. The holidays would be a splendid time to display him and I am sure you will find you will just have to leave him out all year to enjoy!

He stands 6" Tall from his head to the front feet, 3 3/4" from the rear to his back feet, almost 7" from the rear to his nose & about 3 1/4" across his rear area.

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