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Gone Fishing Log Cabin Putz Animals Gathering


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This next unique gathering is not only creative but captures a pleasurable moment in time way out in the country. This scene depicts a man successfully catching a fish that he will bring home to the Mrs. so she can prepare it for supper in their log cabin.

My inspiration was an old serving platter that lends soft scalloped edges and has a nice, clean surface with whispers of raised decoration in each indented corner. There is a small chip located on the upper scalloped edge as noted in image ll. There is also a small horizontal crack about 3/4 of an inch long just below the scalloped edge (before the chip area referenced above) but this probably occurred during the firing process. There are no other cracks or chips to report.

All of the old and carved tiny animals are German and so is the fisherman. Harry fashioned a “Lilliputian” sized fish that I painted and this was attached to a makeshift pole. The pond was created by using an old, kidney shaped, tart tin that I filled with colorful pebbles.

I was able to find a vintage log cabin with a removable roof that has fluffy cotton sticking out of the chimney to complete this scene. Clothespin legs were added to gain height. The cabin has some wood loss on the back near the edge of the roof and also on the far left corner but it is still strong, well-built and kept this family warm and safe during the winter months. A meandering pathway leads up to the cabin and was fashioned using tiny stones.

The fabulous German Putz animals used for this gathering are comprised of two cows (one spotted and the other has stripes), one darling pig and one spirited horse. Everyone has been taken care of by the fisherman and are in excellent condition. However one of the ears is missing on the right hand side from the striped cow.

A bottle brush tree placed next to the cabin provides shade during the hot summer months and another tree fashioned from beech twigs, gathered here on the farm, stands proudly off to the left. I used a wooden base with moss surrounding the bottom and attached a wee acorn for decorative purposes. This tree along with the wooden post where the fisherman is standing are the only two items that are permanently glued onto the platter. The other accoutrements can be moved at will. A couple branches tied with homespun lazily lay off to the left while preserved evergreens were placed on the right.

This unique gathering is not only aesthetically pleasing but also captures a story of farm life, out in the country, long ago. Can’t you just smell the fresh air and feel the peaceful surroundings? Ah, the simple pleasures of life! Enjoy!

The serving platter measures 11 ¾” across (right to left), measures almost 9” deep (front to back) and is 1” tall. Cabin stands 3” tall, measures 2 ¾” across (right to left) and the roof-line measures 2 ½” deep (front to back), cabin itself measures 2” deep (front to back). Bottle brush tree stands 3 ¼” tall and measures ½” across the bottom of the base, tree measures 1 ½” across @ the widest point. Animals measure about 1” tall and 1 ¼” across from tip of nose to tail. Pig stands ¾” tall and measures 1” from his nose to the tail. The kidney shaped pond measures 3 ¼” across ( right to left), stands almost ½” tall and measures 2” deep @ the widest point (front to back). Fisherman on pole stands 2 ½” tall and the fish stands ¾” tall. Meandering stone pathway measures 3 ½” long and is ¾” deep (front to back @ the widest point. Beech tree stands almost 9” tall and measures 5” across (not including the wispy branch off to the left. Preserved Evergreens vary in size but are around 5” tall. Branch with homespun measures 10” long.

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