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Gourd Cauldron with Autumn Pleasantries LIGHTS UP Neat


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An absent minded witch misplaced her cauldron all aglow with interesting autumn botanicals some gathered from the mystical forest floor that she added for her good luck spell. I found it unattended as I strolled through the forest and was so enchanted by its beauty I decided to take it home. The next day when I awoke it was missing and I just knew the witch had taken it back into her possession but kindly left instructions in its place on how to create another one. This gourd cauldron presented today is her recipe and will bring good luck to the bearer!

The contents is included along with the lights and will certainly make an interesting and magical statement in your home especially during the evening hours. Harry fashioned the handles and legs for the cauldron that was punched to allow light to escape through the random holes as well as providing air to cool the strand of lights housed inside. I added cheesecloth to act as a cover for the top and glued it in place allowing for a four inch opening in the back so the “plug in” lights can be replaced as needed. A wee candle with a star hangs lazily from the cheesecloth in the front while a deep crimson gourd hangs from the back location.

An array of autumn botanicals laid inside include a gourd, beechnut pod from our tree, pine cones, an acorn and corn shucks. An old cookie cutter in the form of a star was also tucked in not to mention three pieces of beeswax corn and an apple that acts as a focal point for the center. The light will illuminate from the top, front and bottom areas casting a soft orange glow that will certainly delight all that pass by.

This special offering is one of a kind as every gourd is different in it’s color and shape. You can place this on a table with twigs arranged underneath to create a realistic look with wee pumpkins, acorns with other autumn related botanicals scattered nearby that will offer unique charm lending a touch of whimsy to your homestead! Enjoy!

Overall height is 8 ¾” tall including the corn shucks (tallest point), measures 8 ½” across including the handles. Opening at the top is 5 ½” across and the bottom measures 5” across. Cord extends out (length) about 20”.

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