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Gourd Jar Removable Lid Serving Plate Autumn Gathering


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If you happen to be looking for a great table presentation sprinkled with autumn pleasantries then this next offering may be a perfect addition to your lovely home! This gathering is not only colorful but interesting too mixed with captivating textures creating style……and the good news is everything shown on the plate is included!

This beautiful gourd jar sporting luscious earth tone hues is the focal point and even has a removable lid. A portion of the lid does not constitute a tight fit, aka “askew”, as there is a gap when positioned on top of the gourd jar as shown in image 2……. but this look really lends charming character. This is because the top came from another gourd that possess a wavy form.

I found some delicious bittersweet calico fabric and stitched up a heart that hangs lazily over the pumpkin stem used as an accent. The gourd refused to cooperate and would not stand up on its own so we sanded down the bottom to rectify this situation, as shown in images 17 & 18. The gorgeous mottled appearance in this gourd is very pleasing no matter what side your viewing options are.

This serving plate has a fresh, white ironstone appearance but is actually unglazed as the finish resembles old chalk ware. There is light staining randomly throughout the inside. However once the contents is placed on top the stains are non-existent. No chips or cracks can be found and the plate is marked, “Jackson Custom China ~ Falls Creek, PA USA, whose business operated from 1917 up until 1985. The scalloped edges offer a nice stylized form and the oval shape is pleasing.

Several autumn accoutrements were added for texture and to bring color to the scene……such as a spray of dried Chinese lantern, rye, gourds, wheat, lighted scented ~ beeswax corn, gum balls, a dried tangerine with attached stem and of course wee pumpkins. The miniature gourd spoon was placed atop the gourd lid while one lone “Scottish Hand” or butter pat sporting a ribbed surface, holds high regard placed on the left side. This piece can also be hung if you so choose as there is a hole located at the top of the handle for that purpose.

This gathering can be set out for the entire autumn season including Thanksgiving and what a great centerpiece this would make on your table surrounded by vintage, “Gurley” waxed turkey candles and fresh pumpkins too. You can hide candy inside the gourd jar for children and what a great after dinner surprise that promises to delight. The plate can also be used for holiday decorating by placing greens, berries and tiny lights inside with your favorite ornaments sprinkled about, such as the hand blown variety………. or what about using Putz sheep that can frolic among-st the evergreens with bottle brush trees scattered here and there by creating an enchanting forest!

The butter pat can also be placed inside of the gourd jar and the lid can rest comfortably nearby. There is so much decorating potential with this gathering that actually equates to “a lot of mileage” and I just know you will have fun deciding how to work it into the next transitional season! Enjoy!

Serving plate measures 11 ½” across (right to left), measures 9 ½” deep (front to back) and stands 1 ¼” tall. Gourd Jar stands 4 ¾” tall, measures 3 ¾” across the top opening and measures 2 ¾” across the bottom (flat area). Gourd Lid measures 4” across the top (right to left), measures ¾” tall and varies in height as lid is “askew”. Butter Paddle measures 8 ½” tall, measures 2 ¼” across the body, handle measures ¾” and is almost ¼” thick. Wheat, Rye and Chinese lantern vary in size measuring from 10” to 6 ½” tall. Gourd spoon measures 4” tall (including the stem and measures almost 1” across the bowl opening. Beeswax corn, smallest size measures 1” across the top and is ¾” thick, larger corn measures 1 ¼” across the top and is ½” thick. Gourds measure approximately 1 ¾” tall and measure 1” across the bottom (widest point). Dried tangerine stands 2 ½” tall (including the stem) and measures 1 ¾” across the bottom. Gum Balls measure approximately 1” tall (not including the stem) and 1” across. Wee pumpkins measure approximately ½” across and stand only ¼” tall.

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