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Gourd Pumpkin Jack O Lantern Bumpy Hat Hand Carved Lights Up with Stand Unique


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Are you looking for something totally unique, fresh and special for Halloween or autumn decorating? If so, this interesting hand crafted, one of a kind gourd we designed will not only capture attention on a deep window sill but can be placed on top of a mantle too, as the hand painted, wooden spool acts as a riser to create height, lending magic and intrigue!

The hand carved face on this Pennsylvania grown gourd is purely Harry’s interpretation that portrays a fun and whimsical folk art appearance which can be enjoyed by all….. including the little ones!

Earth tone colors in this gourd are a combination of deep tan’s, ochre and nutmeg’s with touches of evasive midnight blacks. Two optional holes were added…… one located on the top and the second hole is located on the bottom to accommodate one (1) battery operated, flickering, votive candle that has a wax appearance combined with whispers of dark speckled texture as shown in images 14 & 15. You can either place the votive on the top of the gourd or on the bottom in the hole provided. Velcro buttons were used to attach both the votive and the gourd hat. They will be included if you so choose to add the votive to the top as the Velcro button will line up with the hat. The votive can be gently inserted ***at the half way point only*** because if you push down too far the votive may fall through the hole without having anyway of retrieving it.

This gourd hat has an interesting bumpy appearance and the long stem protruding from the top just adds plenty of character to this unique pumpkin. There is an “on and off” switch on the votive that is accessible and can be turned on at will as shown in image 20. The warm, soft glow can be seen during the evening hours if the gourd is placed in a dark setting obtaining wondrous results! He is a happy little guy that will make your holidays bright by evoking whispers of Halloween magic casting soft light inside! Enjoy!

Pumpkin Gourd with bumpy hat stands 6 3/4” tall including the stem, 5 3/4” not including the stem, top and bottom opening measures 1 ½” and the bottom (base) measures about 3 1/2” across (right to left). Gourd Hat measures 5” across the bottom (right to left) stands about ¾” tall (not including the stem measurement). Wooden Spool (stand for gourd) is almost 4” tall and measures almost 2 ½” across the top and bottom (right to left). Votive Candle stands 1 ½” tall (including the raised flame area), measures ¾” tall (without the flame) and measures 1 ½” across the top.

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