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Gourd Storage Jar Old Tin Lid Unique


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This unusual gourd storage jar is one of our new creations that we are excited to present! Bursting with primitive character laced with whispers of autumn flavor make this one of a kind offering a must have for your pantry!

The combination of an old, dark surfaced tin lid looks great pared up with gourds……. especially if they have deep, gunmetal grey and black areas sprinkled throughout the mottled appearance. A case in point would be this gourd offering.

The surface on this gourd has a real “hit and miss” look as the light tan ground lends a pleasing backdrop for the dark mottled accents. The gourd does have a “character dimple” (see image 4) located near the bottom on the left side. However this piece sits properly on any surface it is placed on. The form of this gourd portraying an interesting squatty shape is very appealing because it adds character to the overall look.

This gourd can be utilized as a storage jar for holding a variety of small items like medications, cooking spices, notes or folded receipts, or even car keys! This piece creates a great option to store various items that take up valuable counter space in the kitchen and can certainly act as a “catch~all”.

The married, tin counterpart lid is in very good condition without any dents to report. The black wooden knob acts as a decorative finial and has an acorn shape. The inside of this lid does possess some rust as shown in image 11 and has a brass colored hue throughout. The lid does fit securely on the gourd without any “end play”.

This gourd was hand cut and although precision was held in high regard, there is one small area where a tiny gap can be found between the gourd and the lid…… they do not join perfectly.........but then again the primitive look isn’t perfection!~

I preserved a beautiful maple leaf from a tree on our farm and paired this up with Sweet Annie, tallow berries and a pod that accents the lid for autumn decorating. You can also use fresh greens and berries as an alternative for the holidays as well. If you are like I am I always clean and rearrange an area for a new piece that I am excited to decorate with! You will certainly have fun with this offering as it is not only serves a purpose, to hold useful items in, but also has marvelous decorating possibilities as well! Enjoy!

Overall height of the gourd including the top of the lid wooden finial (knob) measures 5 ½” tall, gourd itself stands 3 ¾” tall, top opening measures 4 ½” across (right to left) and the bottom measures 6 ½” across (right to left). Lid stands 2 ¼” tall including the wooden finial (knob) and the bottom measures 4 ½”, wooden finial (knob) stands 1 ¼”.

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