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Gourd Tasting Spoons Primitive with Early Baby White Carrots


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I'm thinking Spring, how about you? One of my dear customers, Cindy E-Mailed me the other day and asked when I would be listing Spring items as the weather is so cold and dreary in her area. Hopefully this little gathering will be just the thing to brighten up one's homestead and bring some much needed sunshine with it! You talk and I listen! :)

I was able to find some wonderful fresh baby white carrots that I am currently drying. The carrots were only partially dry when I photographed them. The color of the carrots are similar to a golden potato and look splendid pared up with my new "Gourd Tasting Spoons"!

These gourds were hand chosen for the graduated size to equal three different liquid or dry measurements. The spoons are for decorative purposes only though and would look great hanging in a buttery or pantry! I drilled holes at the top of each spoon and used aged string for hanging. They all hang graduated in a nice cluster. The first piece of string at the top is the primary string from where this piece should be hung so the gourds are positioned correctly.

The bunches of carrots vary in size but you will receive a nice generous bunch with the green stalks hanging down. Root vegetables are really a perfect primitive staple for our kitchens and appropriate as our ancestors would dry vegetables to use later during the winter months.

The "Gourd Tasting Spoons" also will vary in size and shape as Mother Nature is not perfect, thank goodness! Just a simple and unique little gathering that will brighten your kitchen and is perfect to display year round! Again, just to reiterate, this gathering will be ready for shipment around January 21st as the carrots should be dried by that time. Thank you!

The carrots are 14" Tall (I included the hanging green stalk in this measurement), and 3 1/2" across @ the widest point but will shrink during the drying process about 1/4 percent. The largest Gourd Tasting Spoon is 9 1/2" Tall and the bowl is about 2 3/4" across @ the widest point, the medium size spoon measures 6 1/4" Tall and the bowl is 2 1/4" across, the smallest spoon is 6 1/4" Tall and the bowl is 1 3/4" across.

Gourd variations, (tone & pigment) will vary as well as the size. The same holds true with the Carrot bunches however you will NOT receive something drastically different than is pictured and the size will be relatively close. Enjoy!

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