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Gourd Variety for your Dough Bowls


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Why not fill your beautiful wooden bowls with autumn pleasantries such as gourds that are a one of a kind gift from Mother Nature as no two are exactly alike! I picked out an array of gourds sporting a dark appearance along with interesting highlights that offer primitive charm and promise to enhance your treenware or baskets lending charming results!

The gourds are grown locally here in Pennsylvania on an Amish farm and have been tended to by the sun, rain and diligent owners resulting in an amazing crop! You will receive five gourds total as pictured in a 14” size bowl; two pumpkin gourds, one sprinkled with raised warts that appear at random along with two pear shaped gourds and one oval shaped gourd. The gourds are harvested directly from the fields and therefore need to be cleaned. It is a painstaking process to do as it takes me almost a full day but the results are grand! You can take a damp paper towel to dust them off when needed and then let them air dry.  You can expect to have small portions of the paper thin "skin" come off when cleaning.

Gourds will last indefinitely because of the hard shell. The variety of shapes and unique earthy colors give us incentive to purchase more and more! These can be used in holiday decorating as well placed in a bowl laced with greens and berries and perhaps sprinkled with tiny lights. They can also be laid on a Thanksgiving table in a cluster with bittersweet accents for a natural look that your guests will certainly enjoy! Wee pumpkins can be incorporated along with squash flanked by two early candlesticks that will cast a soft glow on these natural elements. Have fun incorporating these Pennsylvania gourds into your home decorating for this glorious season and beyond! Enjoy!

Oval gourd measures 7” across the top and bottom and is 6 ¼” tall including the stem. Pumpkin Gourd with warts stands 3 ¾ “ tall @ the tallest point, measures 5” across the top and measures 5 ½” across the bottom. Second pumpkin gourd stands 5 ½” tall including the stem, measures 4” across the top and bottom diameter. Pear gourds stands 5” tall including the stem, measures 2 ½” across the top and measures 3” across the bottom. The other pear gourd is a wee bit larger.

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