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Grain Painted Wall Box with Contents


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This contemporary grain painted utilitarian wall box has so many decorating opportunities that are actually quite endless. Whether it is filled with geraniums and used to hang from the front door or placed in the kitchen with your favorite utensils…it will perform splendidly for any theme of your choosing! I added some interesting kitchen utensils that are included with the wall box purchase as a starting point that can be built on with your collections.

Even though this wall box is a contemporary piece it is enhanced with the beautiful grain painting feature that adds character and charm. A warm mustard paint color set against a dark ground with whispers of red highlights is quite dramatic as it adds stylized artistic attributes.

**Side-note: The art of grain painting actually dates back to the 18th century and this technique was applied to mimic different characteristic grains of wood that were not easily found in particular regions. This style of painting is considered folk art and was applied on document and wall boxes, furniture, cupboards as well as frames for artwork. Our buttery and bedroom circa 1820 has grain painting on the cupboards, doors and even the window trim and sashes. This theme was carried through to the rest of the house addition in the 1880’s. It is thrilling!

The wall box has a deep pocket and will allow for a large variety of items to be placed inside. This piece is in good condition with just one small chip to report located on the bottom corner of the left hand side as referenced in image 14. A sliver of wood on the right side edge was also re-glued but it hard to detect. The form is interesting boasting a half circle top that terminates and forms two opposing crested triangle peaks. The edges of the box were done correctly as they were sanded down to acquire an aged look. This antique inspired box has all the features of an old piece but more affordable.

A rolling pin, two spoons, single grater (lightning shredder) and flesh fork are included as mentioned above. The rolling pin has experienced a tiny chip on the handle near the hanging hole as well as a crack on the handle referenced in images 19 & 20. The other items are all in good overall condition with some minor wear as shown. I am sure you will have fun decorating this piece by filling it with collections that please you. And by the way, you don’t have to be totally honest if someone comments that this box is an authentic antique! It will be our secret! LOL! Enjoy!

Back portion of the box stands almost 11 ½” tall (middle area), front and sides stand 4 ½” tall, measures 11” across (right to left) and measures 6 ½” deep (front to back). Inside Display area measures a generous 5 ½” deep, stands 4” tall, by 10” across (right to left).

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