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Halloween Autumn Decorated Ornaments Set of 5


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Do you put up a tree for Halloween? If so I have a surprise for you as I hand crafted a special set of four ornaments I think you will favor. This set does include five ornaments and the last one is a paper folding lantern with terrific strong graphics.

Three of the hearts are fashioned from Scottish Mohair wool and the color in this woven fabric is just amazing sporting a vibrant pumpkin orange along with a warm squash green. The hearts are then accented separately with Sweet Annie, Flax and Broom Corn. The last ornament surprises us with a trio of bound poppies used for their magical properties residing on spooky black cheesecloth laid against Halloween printed fabric. The bats and folk art floral design are amazing done in a small repeat pattern. All have hangers except for one which possesses the flax accent.

Each heart is hand stitched using old black thread. The Halloween heart is the only one that is stuffed.  Old boucle wool was chosen for the back and is highlighted with raised "numbs" that offer a random array of sparkling rainbow colors.   The hearts are shown on a black tree accented with orange lights and really stand out because of the color and texture. These hearts can also be hung from cupboard knobs and sprinkled around the house to add holiday magic to your lovely home. Another idea is to place the hearts in a wooden bowl as a filler perhaps adding black excelsior first for an enchanting look! Don’t forget the maple leaves that can also be placed inside! Enjoy!

Hearts vary in size and the largest (Halloween Heart) measures almost 6” tall and measures 2 ¾” across the top (widest point). Smallest heart (flax) measures 3” tall and measures 2 ¾” across the top (widest point). Paper folding lantern stands 11” tall including the hanger and measures 2 ¾” across the top (widest point).

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