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Halloween Paper Mache Owl Decoy with Base and Mouse


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Happy Halloween and what a great way to celebrate this playful holiday by adding a friendly Paper Mache owl to your collection! He promises not to hoot too much and will also mesmerize you with his yellow eyes that seem to follow you across the room! He sits on a handmade festive base and is accompanied by his friendly mouse companion that sits on top of his head.

He dates from the late 1930’s to early 1950’s and was manufactured by “The Division Pulp Reproduction Company of Milwaukee” (Wisconsin) that began making “Carry-Lite” decoys as a lighter option for hunters to carry. They were the first Paper Mache decoy operation to gain success.

This owl is in very good condition with minor surface wear and there are no cracks to report. His enchanting eyes were hand painted and the ears are intact without any visible chips. I decided to accent him with colorful wool yarn as well as a hanging candle.

Harry made the footed base using a tree trunk showing an age related crack and added three legs to gain height. I added colorful festoon to the outside edge that acts as a focal point for the owl. You will also receive an array of pine cones that can be added to the inside base as shown. They can either be clustered together or individually placed to form a circle.  Your choice!

A wee iron mouse with folksy appeal keeps the owl company perched on his head where he has a "birds eye view" of his surroundings. His neck is adorned with orange tinsel that sparkles in the light! He promises not to eat too much and will not wonder as he quite happy with his present location!

Mr. Owl can be set on a deep window ledge to greet passersby with perhaps a lit pumpkin in the window that will certainly create exciting enchantment for this special holiday! Enjoy!

Owl stands 13 ¼” tall measures 8” across @ the widest point (end of tail to end of base), head measures 4 ¼” across (ear to ear), base measures 4 ¼” across (right to left) and measures 4” (front to back). Owl wooden base measures 6 ¾” across (right to left) measures 7 ¼” front to back and stands 1 ¾” tall. Mouse measures 4 ¼” from his nose to the end of his tail, measures ¾” across the rear area (back legs) which is the widest point and stands almost 1 ¼” tall.

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