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Halloween Primitive Candy Containers


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Working by the light of a full moon seemed appropriate when I designed these enchanting Candy Containers just in time for Halloween! They have a wee sprinkling of moon dust along with a touch of whimsy that will bring primitive charm to any open cupboard or nook in your beautiful home! You will receive three different designs, as shown.

My inspiration came from seedling starter pots that were dry brushed with deep cinnamon brown paint. I fashioned a bail handle from aged wire and attached a cinnamon stick to lend a rustic look. Three images were chosen and reproduced onto paper that idolizes parchment. These were then aged and backed onto various wool fabrics that compliment the images of choice by color and pattern. They were hand ~ stitched using old wool thread then attached to the container creating instant Halloween magick.

The first image portrays an antique noise maker that has oodles of graphics which include flying bats, pumpkins and of course black cats, done on a bittersweet orange ground. The children all dressed in costume are having so much fun bobbing for apples that seem so illusive and just out of reach....... but not for long!

Long ago it was believed that apples were sacred and held the power to predict the future. This game, rich in tradition was played on "All Hallows Eve" and was very symbolic because the first person who could obtain a floating apple without using their hands would be the first to marry. If you were lucky enough to get the apple on the first try, it is believed you would experience true love whereas if it took several tries, you may be a little more fickle. It was customary for a girl to bring her lucky bobbed apple home where she would place it under her pillow on the eve of Halloween. It is said that prolific dreams of her future husband would unfold while she slept. Folklore is just so interesting, don't you agree?

This image of the noisemaker also has a candlestick in front of the tub with several apples sprinkled about. A black cat keeps a close eye on the progress the children are making and whether or not they plucked the apple out of the water. This candy container was filled with excelsior and aged cheesecloth graces the top. Candy corn and pumpkins are nestled inside "in keeping to tradition".

The second candy container depicts a small child holding a fabulous paper Mache pumpkin with a handle probably taken around the turn of the century to the twenties. Just darling! I filled this with a dried wee pumpkin, quince slice, acorns, a dried apple slice and sweet Annie.

I chose an interesting image of a lit Jack ~ O ~ Lantern surrounded by squash, other pumpkins and corn for the last container. This was filled with a small piece of dried corn, parsnips, a round gourd egg, quince and a beeswax scented corn nibblet rubbed in cinnamon for a spooky but delightful look!

Each of the seedling starter pots have a small hole in the bottom however I added a piece of black fabric over the hole so the excelsior would not come out. These candy containers are one of a kind and will certainly add a touch of magick, gaiety and primitive charm to any Halloween gathering in your bedazzling homestead! Happy Halloween & Enjoy!

The candy containers stand approximately 5 3/4" Tall (including the handle), 3 1/4" without the bail handle measurement), 3 1/4" across the top diameter & 2" across the bottom.

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