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Halloween Primitive Mystical Garland


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Halloween is such a fun time of year where adults have permission to be kids once again, don’t you agree? I conjured my child within to create this unusual garland sprinkled with primitive flavor that reminds me of objects related to enchant, not scare!

Dried orange ends were used for the beautiful color they lend along with incorporating teardrop shaped tart tins that capture an antique design element. An old bottle that takes center stage holds magical colors of peppercorns with a carved stopper to keep them safe. Spun cotton simulates intricately woven spider webs and was used to cover the bottle in its entirety! This bottle does have a chip on the top rim but the web does a great job keeping this a secret!

A hand fashioned kitty sporting a darling appearance was placed inside of an old black doll sock and is attached to a wispy broom. She can keep a watchful eye on the “comings and goings” of her surroundings…….and of course, a wee mouse taunts her as he was placed just out of her reach and hangs lazily below the jute string. I used a brush stroke of whimsy to add mustard colored polka dots to his wooden body. He is attached to an old wooden shingle so he can be positioned on top of the jute if you prefer as shown in image 6.

A witch mysteriously disappeared on her broomstick…… in flight and hastily left her cauldron unattended which is hanging to the left of the potion bottle covered in spider webs. Wee kernels of corn were placed inside the gently aged, wooden cauldron. A twig was used to act as a stir stick for a special concoction of this witches choice. The three splayed legs fashioned from twigs lend great form to the cauldron that hangs from a twisted wire.

I breathed life into the moon by adding a painted face and he is actually the keeper of the garland as he insures all goes well and that the cat does not harm the mouse! A twig star shown in image 6 hangs from the bottom of the dried orange and acts as a protector of hearth and home. The brooms portray a wispy texture to the overall look while the heart shaped pods add delicious interest.

This one of a kind garland will evoke special holiday magic to your mantle, shaker peg rack or window sprinkled with a dusting of primitive charm! Enjoy!

Garland measures 34” long by 14” @ the tallest point (top of bottle stopper to the bottom of the first broom where the cat is hung.

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