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Hanging Wooden Candle Holder Sconce Hog Scraper Putz Sheep


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If you are looking for lit ambiance this holiday season and beyond this next offering may suit you and your lovely homestead splendidly! This hanging candle holder dressed in Christmas cheer also includes a hog scraper candlestick, red child’s mittens along with a darling Putz sheep. Can it get any better than this?

Harry did an amazing job creating this hanging candle holder using old wood from a pelt stretcher. This piece dictates a dry attic appearance with a consistent light hue present in the wood. The top of this piece seems to hold excitement as the rough cut wood lends character along with a pronounced dark indentation off to the right. An age related crack lending gentle separation to the wood is visible near the top, in the front and back location as referenced in images 7 & 11. There is a tiny hole you can use for hanging and I suggest you use a finish nail (without a head) and angle it slightly, upward toward the ceiling, to ensure a secure mount on the wall.

The shelf area where the hog scraper candlestick rests has an open front. However the two gallery, tapered and graduated sides created act as a security measure so the candlestick will not be able to fall off if accidentally jolted. There is also an age related crack on the bottom of the shelf as noted in image 8 but was granted immunity on the backside. The wood has a semi rough surface with random areas of dark stains present on the front. There are also two small tight cracks on the “gallery sides” (right and left) but are hard to detect.

Overall this candle holder is in good condition without any chips to report. It would be very hard to tell that this piece was recently made as the look is that good! The wee Putz sheep marked “Germany” on her pink collar is in excellent condition which is a rarity as most have chips on their ears, or their legs are not sturdy. Good girl! She sports a “lipstick mouth” and her coat is free from random age stains as well.

The contemporary hog scraper candlestick has a nice look but is not an antique. When was it made is unknown but it does possess a chair rail tab along with a push up lever that is desirable. The base is period correct and the semi dark surface areas are a plus. I will also include a new, cinnamon rubbed and lightly scented candle with this purchase along with the snowy white berries as shown in image 23.

I adore these contemporary, bright crimson red child’s mittens and decided to add some dried flowers on the front by way of using thread to secure them as shown in image 33. They are lovingly knitted by hand and are in prefect condition! One of the mittens is slightly larger than the other…see measurements below.

This candle holder with the hog scraper candlestick can be displayed year round and you can have fun changing what you would like to place inside the shelf area, for the seasons. For example, you can use a wee bird’s nest and eggs for spring, small flags can lean up against a corner for July and fall leaves, tiny pumpkins or gourds can lay on the shelf for autumn decorating. A battery operated candle can also be inserted in the candlestick opening and will lend a soft and warm glow to any corner of your home! Enjoy!

Wooden Candle holder stands a little over 17 ¾” tall, shelf area graduates from 6 ½” (across the back area) to 7” (across the front), height of sides are 3 1/8” tall (back area) and taper to 3” (front area) and measures 4 1/8” deep. The back of the Candle holder measures 2” at the top location, measures 5 ½” in the middle location and measures 6 ¾” @ the bottom. Hog Scraper Candlestick stands 6 ½” tall (not including the candle), measures 1 ¾” across the top opening and measures 3 ¾” across the bottom opening. Putz Sheep stands 2 ¼” tall (head to feet) measures 2” tall (back area), measures 2 ¼” from the tip of her nose to her tail and measures ¾” across her rump. Child's larger hand knit mitten measures 4” tall (cuff to pointed end) and measures 2 ½” @ the widest point (across). Smaller mitten measures 3 ½” tall (cuff to pointed end) and measures 2” @ the widest point (across).

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