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Hooked Rug Cat Kitten with Ball of String Unusual


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What a wonderful hooked rug dating from the end of the 19th century to around 1920 that depicts a darling white kitty cat that has anticipated intentions of pouncing on her ball very soon! It seems as though she is looking directly at you with those amazing emerald green eyes and what a cute face she has highlighted with pink ears and nose not to mention her defined black whiskers! The red ball exhibiting black accents sports a soft red hue surrounding this area which is an unusual feature that gains exciting and interesting results.

Even though there are only two focal points set against a soft elephant grey ground, the simple design is very effective and holds our attention. A black border was another great idea as this feature presents a finished look to the edge. The shape of this rug is also unique because it is not a conforming circle, rectangle or square.

The back is also finished with a cotton (could possibly be muslin) backing that was hand stitched on the ends to secure it to the rug counterpart above as shown in image 15. This fabric has darkened through time and lends a natural aged appearance. There are a couple of holes near the edges that are limited to this area only as referenced in images 11, 12 & 14. Some of the white thread used for the stitching is visible on the front near the top right hand side limited to a 1” area as referenced in image 7. The same holds true for another limited area below the cat as well as above her located near the top as shown in images 8 & 6.

This hand hooked rug is in good overall condition as the front does not exhibit any holes, rips, stains or odors. This sweet kitty is awaiting your acquaintance and promises to be a friendly feline companion! Adding a couple rag, string or yarn balls on top of this rug would not only create dimension but will also add whimsy to the overall look! This textile would grace any table lending charming results and should be cherished for the intricate workmanship expressed by the creator. Enjoy!

Rug measures 14 ½” across the widest point (bottom), measures 11 ¼” across the top (right to left) and measures 14” in a vertical position (front to back).

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