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Hooked Rug Hit and Miss Pattern


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Are you looking for something interesting that would grace a table in style…then this next offering should be of interest to you. This hooked rug may have started life as a complete piece but someone through the years may have opted to rescue a portion due to possible damage. A muted color palette seems to open the door allowing for a primitive decorating look we all favor.

Cotton fabric was chosen to fashion this piece and the variegated and solid colors lend plenty of interest to the overall look. Each block (18 total), sports a geometric right angle design that graduates in size toward the bottom. Some overall minimal fading is present throughout the entire piece which lends a soft look along with small stains.

There are areas of loss as well as fraying referenced in images 5, 6, & 12. Portions of “straggler” loose ends along with raw unraveled edges create a relaxed appearance. This rug could use some freshening up by way of a gentle bath but does not have any odor.

A burn mark is located in one of the blocks as shown in image 17 near the bottom left hand corner. Slight fabric loss appears at the top edge near the corner as well as in a couple other areas that are minimal. Overall condition is good taking into account the entire visible appearance.

This rug has great potential for display opportunities as you can add items on top such as old books, an early candleholder, diminutive doll cradle, or even a basket filled with roving wool and tomato pin cushions. Create a theme and you will be ready to get creative with the possibilities! Have fun and enjoy!

Rug measures 24” across and measures 12” deep (front to back).

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