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Hooked Rug Schoolhouse Signed & Dated Charming


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Just envision yourself walking to school as a child out in the county where the air holds the sweet smell of hay as you pass many barns along the winding dirt road! The contents of your lunch pail has scrumptious “fixins” lovingly made by your ma and a special note written on a napkin will surely be a surprise! This charming hooked rug takes you back to a simpler place in time with a schoolhouse design incorporated as a focal point flanked by mature trees and a flag that proudly waves in the wind. This contemporary textile is signed and dated by the artist and was professionally executed with a precise hand.

The colors have softly faded to a mellow hue as compared to the back of this lovely textile. The details the artist used make this piece special and interesting. Gay flowers grown in a cluster can be seen off to the left of the schoolhouse while the far away bushes create depth. The composition of this scene is balanced and the color values are also right on target! The three steps leading up to the schoolhouse lending a grey hue are a nice touch and so is the endearing heart just above the doorway. A bell is located at the top and I am sure the children will greet this sound in anticipation for the lunch hour.

A deep, navy border encompasses this scene while a red pinstripe falls just below this area. This important detail finishes off this textile and acts like a frame. The variegated cottons used to create the sky consist of pale blues mixed with soft whites that form random clouds and add visual texture to this scene.

The navy border shows evidence of tiny, white threads poking through the loops and this is consistent throughout the entire piece. Red thread can also be seen in this area, though faint. See images 9, 10 & 11. The cotton binding on the back was completely hand stitched as shown in images 12 & 14. This handmade work of art is signed by, “Jane Bender” and dated “1994” as shown in images 12 & 14.

The condition of this rug is very good without any holes, rips or stains to report and there are no odors either. What a great piece to display in a child’s room with old baby shoes and schoolbooks nearby! This textile would be great hanging on a wall in a bedroom possibly near a cupboard that has early mohair animals and other child items placed on the shelves. Old photographs of family members is also another suggestion that offers a personalized look set among-st your favorite children’s collections. This unique rug hooked with love offers soft color, detail and artful presence in any room of your choosing! Don’t forget the teacher’s hand held school bell! Enjoy!

Rug measures a generous 31 ½” long (right to left) and measures 21” tall.

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