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Horse Pull Toy and Paint Decorated Cart Fantastic


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Let’s share the joy and the coffee this fine day as this next amazing offering has numerous pictures to view as well as copy! Caffeine encouraged but not required! This wonderful set includes everything as pictured…pull toy horse with platform base and vintage riding Santa, paint decorated cart filled with two bottle brush trees, a wee festive bear and festive gifts. Very exciting gathering that will certainly bring the spirit of Christmas into your lovely home and is ready to set out and be enjoyed immediately.

Even though this set is a marriage both pieces look “as right as rain” presented together. I acquired the horse first and waited over a year until I could find an appropriate cart for him to pull and I did. The horse is absolutely spectacular because of the unusual attributes he has to offer! He dates to the late 19th to turn of the century, is hide covered and quite possibly could be German.

He possesses hand stitched features as shown and his tail is fashioned from authentic horsehair. Animal fur was used to create the mane that takes on a very realistic look. His glass eyes are recessed behind the hide covering which is an unusual feature that is not commonly found.

The grass green saddle blanket appears to be made from felt that exhibits a chain stitched accent feature done in a cream color. The leather saddle seat has a higher projection in the back that adds authentic character to the overall look. One of the stirrups is missing on the right hand side but the other one is intact.

The leather is a bit fragile regarding the harness as well as the strap piece connecting the metal footplate to the stirrup. His hide covered ears are intact and so are the opposing red felt rosettes on his bridle (near his ears). One of the tiny nails is missing on the lower harness (chest area).

Minor horse hair loss can be found on both sides of the hindquarters and just below the mane on the left hand side only. He could be considered a bay horse because of the light brown coat with dark markings present on the mane and ears. His mouth and muzzle have been painted lamplight black highlighted with red accents on the nostril’s and mouth opening. What a beauty and is overall great condition!

This horse also comes with a wooden painted base done in a warm cream that has been accented with crimson red pin stripping. All of the sides are painted a deep chocolate brown. The metal wheels are intact and individually roll freely except for the back left wheel which is a little bit fussy. I added a piece of red yarn in the hole provided to simulate a pulling feature. The base has a mark of “3Q” on the back.

At one time the horse did possess a pegged hoof feature whereas the pegs would have been inserted into the pull toy base. These pegs are no longer present as someone along the way may have cut them off. The base also gives us a clue that the holes to accommodate the wooden pegs on the horse have been filled by using a dowel to create a flat surface as shown. The horse does free stand on top of the base without hesitation.

The turn of the century cart in mustard paint exhibits fantastic form and also displays a pinstriping feature done in dark blue paint. The red wooden spoked wheels lend extra vibrant color to the overall look and independently move freely. Two extenders that are in front of the cart have also been stenciled while the ends are tipped in black paint. The axel was added to the bottom using two tiny nails that secure it to the base of the cart. This piece is in very good condition without any chips or cracks to report. Overall appearance dictates light wear except for the inside (display area) which has experienced color variations due to paint loss as shown.

The chenille poseable 1920’s Santa dressed in red has a composition face with a soft beard. His hat lends whimsy in a big way. The presents were wrapped in fabric boasting a cheerful holly design and then accented with a red bow and two cinnamon sticks. The snow tipped bottle brush trees add holiday flavor to the cart. One of the trees has a less distinct point at the top than the other. They both have red bases and stand up well. The are in overall good condition with minor bristle loss. Lastly, the tiny flocked bear was a find from 20 years ago and is a contemporary piece but is a prefect size for the cart! His jolly hat and muffler are adorable and so is his face! Christmas would just not be Christmas without a teddy bear hanging around!

I can envision this piece on top of a mantle with lit greens nearby or can be presented on a table with Santa’s, reindeer and a dough bowl filled with glistening mercury ornaments. You will certainly have fun deciding where to place this spectacular piece that will certainly get plenty of attention from your guests and family! Enjoy!

Horse stands 7 ½” tall from head to front hoof, stands 5” tall (rear), measures 7 ¾” from his head to his tail and measures 1 ¾” across his rear. Pull toy base measures 9” long, measures 3” across (front to back) and stands 1 ¼” tall. Cart measures 12” long, measures 6 ½” across (front to back) including the end of the wheel spokes, cart by itself measures 5 ¼” across (right to left), measures 3 ½” front to back, measures 2 ½” tall (back) and is 1/8” thick. Santa stands 4” tall, measures 2” across (right to left), and measures 1” front to back. Largest Bottle Brush Tree stands 5 ½” tall, measures 2 ¾” across @ the widest point bottom and base measures 1 ¼” across the bottom. Smaller tree stands 4 ¼” tall, measures 2 ¼” across @ the widest point bottom and base measures ¾” across the bottom. Gifts measures almost 2” across, measures 1 ¼” front to back and are ½” thick. Bear stands 1 ¼” tall and measures 1” across the bottom.

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