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Keeler with Heart Handles in Red Paint Gathering


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What a unique gathering that certainly has a lot going on! A vintage keeler in red paint boasting heart cut out designed handles is filled with six great items that are all included as shown. You are really getting a lot for you money here at a reasonable price! Your choice if you would like to keep these items inside the keeler or they can be separated to take up residence elsewhere! Don’t you just love choices?

A keeler was originally used to store milk which would later render the cream that could then be separated and used for butter. This particular staved bucket was fashioned in the 20th century sporting metal bands held together by way of nail construction as shown in images 3 & 4. The wood has aged to perfection (possibly for use outdoors) and the vestiges of paint sprinkled randomly throughout excite us with a weathered look. The heart handles were constructed of two pieces of wood that were later joined in the staved manner to equal a complete (whole) heart. This contributes to a vertical line in the center located at the top portion of the heart.

Some of the red paint can be seen on the metal bands as the application seems to be more hurried than anything else. The staves are tight and so are the bands. A suggestion of a stronger paint color in the middle could be a clue where another past band was located as shown in images 3,8 & 9. The inside was left unpainted and sports a crushed walnut hue amid dark areas that appear at random on the lower portion of the side areas as well as the bottom. There are no chips to report and this keeler is in very good condition.

Three rag balls nestled inside add texture and color to the scene. One of the balls is solid wrapped in heavy woven cotton sporting a ticking look. The other two balls consist of late 19th century wrapped calico prints but are limited to the top portion of the ball as contemporary fabrics reside just below.

A unique large retired clothespin was also added. The double top portion that resembles a clamp has a piece missing on one side (image 36) probably from being dropped on a hard surface at some point. The rest of the clothespin is in good condition.

Old wool Child's socks grace a 1940’s tall grater in great condition placed in the back to create height. This grater has a unique feature as it can stand up on its own because of the wire back feet. These socks begged for a “make ~do repair” and I complied. Brown homespun was used and stitched in place to cover the holes located on the side and top of the right sock while the other one was left plain. The mate has a series of holes also located at the top as shown in images 25, 26 & 27.

A wire scrub brush though not very old lends yet another textural element to this gathering. The wooden handle has a nutmeg hue appearance with dark striations that appear at random. The wire bristles are all accounted for. Some of the bristles are curled and do not stand up straight due to the abrasive workout they received by a firm hand for scrubbing purposes.

The final item placed inside is a black folk art doll sporting a honey mustard colored skirt with a sweet shawl. This cotton fabric is unusual because it possesses tiny cross stitches that have a raised appearance as shown in image 31. The skirt has a drawstring element that can be tied in the back and was gathered using old thread. I painted her face adding personality and she is now ready to make your acquaintance.

Keeler’s can be confused with washtubs but I decided to decorate this one with a Wash-day theme to create a fun look especially if displayed in your laundry or bathroom. This one of a kind gathering awaits a cozy space to call home in your lovely home that will render charming results! Enjoy!

Keeler stands 8” tall (to the top of the handles), measures 5” tall not factoring in the handles, measures 12” across (right to left), measures 11 ½” front to back, measures 10 ½” across the bottom and is ½” thick. Scrub Brush measures almost 7 ¼” long, measures 1 ¾” tall and measures 2 ½” front to back. Black doll stands 8 ½” tall, measures 4” across the widest point (bottom of her dress) and measures 1” deep. Rag Balls measures about 3” to 4” across. Grater stands 10” tall including the handle, measures 4 ¾” across (right to left) and is 1 3/4” deep. Large clothespin stands 8” tall, measures 3” across the top, measures 2” across the bottom and is 1/2” thick. Child's wool stockings measure 11 ½” tall, measure 2 ¾” across to top and measures 1 ¾” across the bottom.

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