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Keeper of Autumn and Hymn Book Gathering


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My “Keeper of Autumn” lady will bring good luck this harvest season to your homestead as she is an olde soul that keeps the spirit of the autumn season alive and well by being a protector of crops and all living things! Used as a good luck token, long ago one would fashion a harvest doll from an ear of corn or using corn shucks and put her out just before the harvest season to ensure the crops would come in and be plentiful!

She is dressed in flowing, aged cheesecloth and her head was fashioned from old wool found in an early quilt. A twig was incorporated to act as arms and this lady does resemble the form of a scarecrow. A bird’s nest rests comfortably on a branch made from roving wool while two wee pumpkins and a pussy willow blossom dot the nest.

I gathered some twigs from our farm to create a rustic fence that was painstakingly crafted piece by piece. An old scrap of wood was used as the base and two wee pumpkins grace the front left side area. We are fortunate to have Poke Weed here on the farm thanks to the birds that eat the berries and drop the seed in flight. You just never know where one will pop up during spring! I dried these branches that are filled with clusters of tiny pumpkins and used this as an accent to trail both the fence and the tree branch. The pumpkins were kissed with a touch of bittersweet paint to highlight each one.

The nest and autumn lady were tied to the tree branch using old wool thread and can be removed if you so choose. I was able to find a book entitled, “A Collection of Hymns”, Wesleyan Methodist Connection of America, circa 1866 printed in Syracuse, New York with a seductive, midnight black cover. All of the pages seem to be accounted for and this book is in overall good condition, spine intact. The embossed decorative cover is a pleasure to look at with appropriate age related wear. A piece of calico fabric in a luscious bittersweet orange color was added as an accent and ties in the front. The fence can be laid across the book near the top to create autumn magic laced with unique artistic flavor and primitive charm. Enjoy!

Fence stands 5” tall, measures 4 ½” across (right to left) and is ¾” deep (front to back). Keeper of Autumn stands 3 ¼” tall and measures 2 ¾” across (arms). Wee birds nest measures 1” across right to left). Hymn book stands 5 ¼” tall, measures 3 ½” across and is 1 ½” thick.

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