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Late 19th Century Carved Rolling Pin Great Patina


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As the weather turns cold and we transition into the autumn and winter months I can’t think of anything else I would rather do then to start baking! This beautiful rolling pin is an essential tool that lives up to the task of rolling out dough that will render delicious cookies…especially for the holidays as shown in the last image!

The squatty, button end handles are a delight and so is the from that was carved from one piece of wood! This rolling pin is strong and has a smooth surface from years of use. It is comprised of walnut and lends a dark appearance that is a perfect fit for primitive decorating. There are some areas where scratches are present as shown in images 4, 5, 8, 9 & 10. A slight loss of dark patina can be found on the pin about 6” from the edge as shown in images 2 & 6.

A small hole in the center of the button handle gives us a clue this piece was turned on a lathe. Tiny specs of white paint also appear on the end of the handles as shown in images 12 & 15. There are areas of chipping on the edge of the handle located on the right hand side that have darkened with age as referenced in images 5 & 9 but is appropriate wear that is expected with a kitchen tool that was used on a daily basis. There are no cracks to report.

This unique rolling pin can call home inside a tall stoneware crock with other pins to keep him company or what about placing it on a shelf in a cupboard surrounded by other kitchen related items that will make a great presentation. You can also use this as an “attitude adjustment” for an unruly family member too! LOL! This is just a wonderful piece to own that helped aid in rendering delicious baked goods for many happy families back in the day!

Pin is 13 ¾” long, measures 1 ½” thick and the button ended handle measures 1 ¼”.

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