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Life and Wanderings of A Mouse Book Cover and Mouse Pen Wipe Cute!


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Uh Oh, is there a mouse in the house…yes, without certainty but is he friendly and adorable….absolutely! I know some of you may be terrified of mice but this little pen wipe I made is harmless and just lends folk art whimsey to the book cover I also reproduced entitled, “The Life and Wanderings of A Mouse”, by Croome who is also the illustrator, circa 1849. The original children’s book is part of the “Uncle John’s Picture Books” series that portrays a tale of a wee mouse and his adventures.

The book cover depicts several mice running around the edge of a detailed bramble shrub border. Of course there is a kitty chasing these little creatures as pictured but I would like to think that the mice got away! Croome was a very talented man as shown in this detailed drawing.

The book I chose for this project is actually an old arithmetic book dated “1892”. Some of the inside pages are torn and the spine has excessive wear that contributes to slight inside page separation. To remedy this problem I used a piece of mustard homespun and wrapped it around the inside of the spine to secure this area by the aid of glue.

The book cover provided plenty of inspiration for me to create a mouse pen wipe. In all actuality antique pen wipes would not possess the decorative stitching located on the top…… as the three layers of felt would have to be easily accessible by lifting up the fabric to wipe the Fountain pen as needed…..but in my world it needed an extra design element.

The wee mouse that lays on top of the triple layers of partial old felt scraps is very comfortable in his surroundings and sports sophisticated German glass eyes but the sophistication ends there. His body, ears and tail are of a naïve, primitive form. He has been blanket stitched and stuffed with raw cotton. The stitches do show though on the felted underside as well. He rests nicely on top of the book in the upper corner.

Have you priced antique pen wipes lately especially the ones with animals? They can fetch well over $250.00 if one is lucky enough to find them! This modest mouse related gathering will add charm and whimsey to any small table or open cupboard. Just be mindful of your kitty cat as he just may surprise you and run off with this wipe! Yikes! Enjoy!

Book stands 7” tall, measures 5” across (right to left) and is 1” thick. Mouse Pen Wipe measures 4” long, (right to left), 2 ¼” deep (front to back) and overall height including the mouse is 1”.

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