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Log Cabin Long Island Havana Cigar Box Putz Sheep Gathering


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This 1930’s log cabin has so much character lending subtle detail of each chinked log corner as well as the incised separation for the individual logs located on all four sides. A hinged feature allows extra storage for small items such as storing the bottle brush trees and Putz sheep that are also included in this unique gathering. ****I am also going to include a little surprise that will be a perfect fit for this gathering as a gift!

When I received the cigar box I noticed the window and door features were very faint so I hand painted over the original placement using white color which was antiqued to achieve an old look. Of course, a log cabin should appropriately be outfitted with an outside chimney so I created one to make up for the absence. Actually there are whispers of an incised chimney on the left hand side (lacking a window) but is very difficult to make out. Each stone was carefully placed keeping in mind the shape and colors that would look best. The chimney is moveable so you can decide if you would like to position it on either the right or left hand side. It does free stand but prefers to lean up closely to the cabin.

The roof of the cabin near the front has advertising that states “Stanton Island Log Cabin Havana Cigar”. The back has a series of incised squares to mimic a shingled roof. Wonderful dark surface dictates a great look and the tiny hinges delight us with decorative detail. The left hinge has a wire make ~ do “helper” to aid in keeping the lid secure.

One lone horizontal crack located in the middle on the left side is visible while a piece of wood is missing on the back right edge as shown. Some scratches along with areas of light surface appear at random throughout. Staple and tiny nail construction were used to create this piece. The nail located on the front top edge of the cabin accommodates a small hole used to close the lid. The roof is a little fussy to open (closed position) and close but when aligned properly it will cooperate.

A portion of the label along with some writing located on the bottom is hard to read. When the lid is in the open position you can see the continued advertising. The inside bottom does show signs of staining as it may have come in contact with water at some point but the outside was not affected.

Three bottles brush trees help create a forest setting for the cabin. The largest tree is has a brown appearance compared to the others that lend a green color. It is accented with a mica candy cane. Two possess red bases while the other has a wood base. The medium size tree has whispers of spun cotton tucked inside. All have an applied snowy detail and are in good overall condition.

A wooly putz sheep wondering though the forest decided to take up residence near the cabin. Why not?...... as she gets plenty to eat and can stay in the barn equipped with a soft hay bed when the weather turns cold. She sports a partial red paper color and has a lipstick mouth. Her ears are intact without any chips to report and her legs are sturdy as well (no wiggle). She is missing her tail but is still a happy gal! There is minor paint loss to her hoofs.

This unique cabin would make for a terrific holiday display and you can certainly add more trees, sheep and possibly a meandering stone pathway leading up to the cabin. You can place it in an open cupboard or on a table where it will show off and can be enjoyed by all! Happy Holidays!

Cabin stands 5” tall (taking into account the peak of the roof), measures 5” across and is 5 ¼” deep (front to back). Chimney stands 6 ½” tall, measures 1 ½” across the top and measures 2 ½” across the bottom and is ¾” deep (front to back). Brown tree stands 6” tall and the base measures 1” across. Medium size tree stands 5” tall, and the base measures 1 ¼” across. Small tree stands 3 ½” tall and the base measures ¾” across. Putz sheep stands 2 ¼” tall (top of head to her hooves), stands 1 ¾” tall at the rear, measures 2 ¼” (front to rear), measures a little over ½” across the rear.

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