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Low Profile Dairy Box Tray with Chopper


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This unique low profile box or tray dating around the mid-19th century could have been used to store dairy products as the inside surface exhibits a light coloration attributed to coming in contact with milk, cream, butter and the like…..but then again the other alternative suggests this piece could have been used in the kitchen for food such as smaller vegetables and was washed after each use which may also constitute the lighter color. Note: **The small single blade chopper that came with this tray is also included as it is the perfect size for this box and offers a great look.

Of course, you can always display stone fruit in the box as a suggestion (see image 2), and incorporate the chopper else ware amongst your collections. This unusual box fashioned from pine may have Swedish origin and the smaller size allows more decorating possibilities. The patina is warm and inviting lending dark areas against a crushed walnut hue surface while the canted sides and arched back add further detail to the form. Slight separation has occurred with age where the bottom meets the back (image 5) and front panels. There is some wood loss on the bottom inside board where it touches the right and left hand sides as shown in images 6 & 7.

The left side panel has incurred some rough areas in the wood as shown. A tight crack is present on the right hand side that starts near the front edge and travels upward by way of a curve but terminates abruptly (see image 8). A second tight hairline is also located on the back right hand side near the middle edge but stops it’s journey quickly as referenced in image 9. There are a few more hairlines on the left hand side near the edge as well.

Appropriate nail bleed can be found throughout and this box is smooth to the touch. Age related wear can be seen on the bottom. There is some evidence of holes sprinkled randomly throughout caused by a bug but he is long gone! Image 3 shows a slight curve on the front right hand side panel and appears to have been intentionally fashioned this way but is a mystery as to why this was done. Overall condition is good and this piece shows well.

The 19th century single carbon steel blade chopper possibly hand forged) sporting twin brass ferrules is of the smaller variety compared to the larger versions commonly found. There are some small areas of white (possibly paint) on the wooden handles as shown. The ferrule on the left hand side is loose but can be easily glued if you so choose. Handles are also loose as they move up and down but are still secure. The wood on the handles delights us with beautiful graining and delicious patina. Condition is good without chips or cracks to report.

This tray offers plenty of character and charm! You will certainly have fun deciding what to place inside for everyday and seasonal decorating! This is just a great piece that is hard to find as it may be one of a kind! Enjoy!

Tray measures almost 8 ¼” across the front, measures 7 ¼” across the back, measures 1 ¼” tall in the front, measures 2 1/2'” tall in the back and measures 4 ¾” deep. Chopper measures 5 ¼” across the top (handle area), measures 5 ¼” across the bottom of the blade and measures 4” tall.

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