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Marking Sampler dated 1853 Signed Knopf Continental


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What a perfect time of year to present this lively sampler boasting turkey red thread on a linen ground that will render color and an early look to your home without delay! This piece was owned by an antique collector and dealer from Virginia who obviously had impeccable taste!

This marking sampler may have Dutch origin and is simple in form yet effectively executed by the maker, “Charlotte Knopf” with various rows of the alphabet exhibiting lower and upper case letters. I am especially drawn to the third row as the letters are fancy and really seem to capture our attention. The signature and the date of “1853” can be found on the bottom portion of this needlework piece.

The stitches are all accounted for and the subtle design element located at the top represents a variation of several scroll patterns that terminate in the middle of the second top row. The first row is comprised of a multitude of vertical “V’s” that possess an underline statement also terminating in the middle. It appears that Charlotte ran out of room or had an epiphany relating to the bottom location as the numbers are squeezed together on the left and portray a cascading quality as shown in image 16 & 17.

There are several areas of age related spotting on the linen ground that appear mostly in the middle portion of this piece as noted in images 19 & 20. This beautiful needlework was framed professionally by, “Morgan-Miles” located in Staunton, Virginia as referenced on the back by way of a business card. The exciting news is given the importance of this sampler it was also properly conserved using 99% protected UV glass that is non-reflective and does add value to this piece. I am sure Charlotte would be very proud to know that someone cared enough to protect her work so it could be appreciated and adored throughout the years by a lucky owner. Enjoy!

Sampler stands 15 ½” tall, measures 16 1/2” across (right to left) and the frame is 1” thick.

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