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Mid 19th Century Tin Punched Lantern Delightful


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Winter blues got you down….well this beautiful lantern casting warm light through an interesting design should not only lift your mood but will make your homestead happy too! It dates from the early to mid-19th century and sports an exciting floral design that is not commonly found. I took the liberty of adding enchanting Christmas magic in some of the photo shoots to suggest how awesome this piece can be incorporated into holiday decorating.

This lantern is electrified by way of a cord that comes through the top hole location and cascades downward. A soft night lite bulb was used to illuminate the light through the extensive tin punched pattern rendering great results! At one point in time there was a candle socket housed inside to accommodate a candle because the bottom of the lantern is cleated (an early feature). However the socket went missing at some point. At least with this piece being electrified, there is no danger of a burning candle to attend to.

Two circles on the back location seem to protect the inner flower held within. A series of slanted lines that make up a circular pattern along with conforming dots integrating five separate rings are a fabulous feature. The pattern on the door constitutes a double series of slanted lines (slots) accompanied by vertical raised dots. All of the hand tin punching was done from the inside out.

The black paint was added later and is not original but a great feature just the same! The lantern is in good condition as there are no holes or dents to report. This piece of early lighting would be a great addition to your home as the pierced design is wonderful especially when lit during a dark stormy day or during the evening hours! Enjoy!

Lantern measures 15 ½” tall by 5 ¼ across the bottom. The generous cord measures 5’ and 1” long. It has a convenient dial switch built into the cord so you don’t have to unplug it when you want to turn it off.

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