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Mincemeat Riser Authentic Sugar Cone Scoop Gathering


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Are you looking for a kitchen gathering that not only is fun to decorate with but doesn’t take up much room either…….then this next offering may be of interest to you. The sugar cone, Mincemeat Riser and tin scoop are all included in this gathering as pictured.

I was able to find a crate advertising end used to transport “Mincemeat” manufactured by the “Merrel-Soule Company” based out of Syracuse, New York. G. Lewis Merrell and Oscar F. Soule formed a partnership and opened a factory that produced canned fruits and vegetables. In 1885 this company began producing “None Such” condensed mincemeat. Fresh mincemeat had an extremely low shelf life until Merrell-Soule discovered how to reduce the moisture content which in turn increased the longevity of this product. As a result, this mincemeat became famous and was an instant hit with dessert and pie makers. In 1925 the company produced enough mincemeat to fill 12 million pies.

This crate end still has strong graphics and the wood has aged to perfection lending a warm patina. Some scratches are present on the surface along with light normal abrasions as shown in image 2. We added feet to the bottom of this crate end to create a riser which offers a great display area on the top while gently elevating it. The bottom does have some dark stains present as shown in images 5 & 6. No cracks are present.

I added an authentic sugar cone wrapped in cheesecloth enhanced with broom corn, sweet Annie, tallow berries and anise. A tin scoop now calls home filled with early peas on the riser. There are some areas of surface rust on the handle and sprinkled throughout the bottom and side areas. No holes or creases are present and this piece is in overall good condition.

I can envision this gathering holding high regard in an open cupboard or what about placing it on the kitchen counter which will create warm and interesting character. The beauty of our gatherings is you can always move things around to suit your style and taste. Have fun and Enjoy!

Mincemeat Riser measures 8 ½” across the top (right to left), measures 5 ½” front to back and stands 1 ¼” tall. Authentic sugar cone stands 4 ¼” tall, measures 1” across the top and measures 2 ¼” across the bottom area. Tin Scoop measures 4 ½” from the front opening to the end of the handle, opening measures 2 ¾” deep and 2” across the front opening, scoop stands 2 ½” tall.

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