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Miniature Coffee Grinder Little Tot Arcade Manufacturing Co


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This unusual coffee grinder boasting miniature form is just adorable and would be an interesting item to add to your collection. The wood has great patina and the decorative elements on the iron hopper and drawer front make for a showy piece.

I contacted a company who deals with antique coffee grinders to find out more about this special mill. According to “Pam Bender” of “Antique Coffee Grinders”, there are a couple options….first “Arcade Manufacturing Co. produced a mill known as the “Little Tot”, No. 2 in the year of “1897” and this particular piece was the first of three produced but revised in “1911”. The second option suggests the name of “Little Gem” also produced by the “Arcade Manufacturing Co.” but the cast parts differ slightly in design. During the “1911” period six more toy mills were added including the “Little Gem”.

The dark patina is delicious as well as the raised delicate scroll work enhanced by a series of leaves on the iron hopper as well as the drawer front. The handle follows suit with similar decoration but implemented on a smaller scale as referenced in image 15. Minor surface rust appears on the hopper lending a dark appearance.  There is a tight age crack on the upper ledge of the right hand side as shown in images 5, 6 & 7. The front ledge does have a little play when pushed down. However the top is still strong and secured. Tiny nails were used in the construction shown near both corners on the left and right hand sides. The handle moves freely and the overall condition of this mill is very good.

The drawer has a recessed circular well where the grounds would have been held. I added the pepper corns as shown which are also included by lending color to this area. The front of the drawer is cast metal while the rest of the drawer was fashioned from wood. The right (side) edge of the drawer front seems to exhibit extra material that account for a 1/16 of an inch projection compared to the left. Overall condition is still very good.

There should not be a complaint as to where this piece will reside because of the small size which is great news. If you have a cubby (divided drawer box) where the height is limited this piece will allow for a perfect fit. I can also envision this mill on a shelf in your kitchen keeping company with other themed antiques. Just a fun piece to acquire that is a survivor! Enjoy!

Toy Coffee Mill stands 4” tall including the top of the handle knob, measures 3” to the top of the hopper, measures 2 ½” across the front (right to left), measures 2 ½” deep (front to back), bottom measures 2 ¼” across (right to left) and measures almost 2 ½” deep (front to back).


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