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Mortar and Pestle Footed Warm Patina


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This mortar and pestle possesses a simple form yet has pronounced incised bands that lend enough effective detail to be considered a great piece to own. The patina is amazing sporting a warm crushed walnut hue with plenty of interesting dark areas near the top and bottom that is more than commendable.

This set is in overall good condition with one minor scratch on the back of the mortar as shown in image 5. The mortar exhibits one lone incised band near the top and has a footed feature as referenced in images 8 & 9. A small piece of raised wood located in the center of the bottom area is a mystery but does not affect the way this piece sits which is level as referenced in image 9. There are no chips to report.

The pestle is original and not a marriage. There are four pronounced incised bands that offer decorative interest. This pestle was used on a daily basis as can be seen from the excessive wear on the side that includes wood loss and gouges. Personally, I think this looks wonderful and adds intrinsic character as shown in images 10, 11 & 12! An area limited to the back of the pestle has experienced dark staining and there is also a very faint pale green line just below the last incised band as referenced in image 11. The top mushroom knob also exhibits deep scratches as well as minor (chipped) wood loss as shown in image 17. The beautiful patina is “as right as rain” and does match the existing color of the mortar counterpart.

Most of the mortar and pestles we find are on the larger size but can be overwhelming if space limitations are a concern. This piece is of the smaller variety and can be displayed almost anywhere. It would also be a wonderful compliment to your larger existing collections as well. I can envision this piece on top of a hanging spice cabinet or can even keep company next to the tin versions. This was a utilitarian staple back in the day and was very handy when it came to grinding spices that added flavor to meals prepared by the huswife. Enjoy!

Overall height 7” (including the pestle), mortar by itself stands 3 ¼” tall, measures 4 ¼” across the top (right to left), footed base measures 3 across (right to left) and is almost ½” thick. Pestle measures almost 7 ½” long, measures almost 1 ½” across the mushroom shaped top and measures 1 ½” across the bottom side area @ the widest point.

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