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Mortar and Pestle Great Form Mid-19th Century


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This mortar and pestle not only has terrific form but also lends plenty of “character wear” that seems to speak of daily use years ago. The exciting patina-ed surface is exemplary and this piece of treen sports a gentle hourglass shape.

Many cracks caused by time, heavy usage and the elements can be found throughout the mortar….. some larger than others as shown. These areas are predominately related to the side areas. However there are two cracks on the bottom that seemingly have worked their way up toward the side locations. The residue of a removed sticker on the top portion of the mortar is somewhat visible as reflected in image 11 but if you add some mineral oil to the outside wooden surface this mark will disappear. A pair of two recessed circular bands appear on the sides near the top and bottom which is a great design feature.

Images 4, 5 & 6 represent a series of dark areas present on the body. These possible burn marks may have been caused from this piece residing near an extreme heat source such as a stove or from open hearth related cooking. These clues give us some insight as to what the life history was regarding the visual appearance of the daily workouts this utilitarian set has witnessed by perhaps an overzealous cook!

The mortar was carved out of one piece of thick wood as noted by the concentric “tree rings” still present on the inside. The last image shows a “Tree Ring Growth Chart” that scientists today are using to aid in the study of climate (weather) conditions. You can be a little detective by using a magnifying glass to track the rings inside the mortar that may reveal the weather back in the mid-19th century!

The carved pestle counterpart also has age related wear located on the sides. The handle is smooth from the mighty grip of the user and the bottom is smooth as well from contact with the mortar for grinding purposes. Small cracks are present on the end of the handle as referenced in image 22. There are a couple of lighter areas on the handle as shown in image 18 but the rest of the rich color is consistent. Darker areas are present and part of the patina-ed surface. This set is strong, heavy and made to last as time can attest!

If you love the primitive look and who doesn’t …..this mortar and pestle should speak to you…loudly I might add! What a great addition to your existing collection or can certainly hold its own displayed by itself! Enjoy!

Overall height including the pestle measurement is 10”, mortar by itself measures 5 ¾” tall, measures 6” across the top opening and measures 5 ¼” across the bottom. Pestle stands 10” tall, measures 2 ½” across the top of the body, measures 2” in the middle area and measures 1 ¾” across the bottom.

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