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Mortar Pestle 19th Century Great Form


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If you enjoy collecting treenware pieces this next wonderful offering may be something to consider. Let me introduce you to this fine example of a mortar and pestle that boasts delicious patina and also has great form. This piece is very heavy and was hand carved. It is of the larger variety and would take center stage as a delightful focal point in your buttery or pantry.

I also have more good news to share…..the mortar does not have any large age cracks in the body which is considered a rarity as this is a common occurrence with pieces such as this one. The form is simple as the body gently contours towards the bottom and abruptly terminates into a stepped footed base.

There are a couple tight cracks located on the very edge of the top rim that cascade downward measuring about a half of an inch. Three more cracks are present on the inside near the rim but are hard to detect. There is a small chip located on the inside rim as referenced in image 11. The back of the mortar appears to have encountered some surface bug damage by way of inconsistent recessed lines that happened long ago as the color is consistent with the rest of this piece. There is no current evidence of any further bug damage.

A darker area located on the side of the mortar at midpoint is referenced in image 5 as well as a trio of small dark spots located below and off to the right. A dark horizontal line also appears in the middle location of the mortar as shown in image 8. The outside top rim portrays a hand carved appearance and if you run your fingers across this area you can feel the indentations that are smooth to the touch.

A small crack can be found on the bottom edge of the base and there are also tiny chips located in this same area sprinkled around the circumference at random. One small dark spot exists on the base about a half an inch from the stepped top location. The inside color resembles a dark crushed walnut hue showing authentic wear especially at the bottom. The overall condition is very good considering this utilitarian piece was used on a daily basis.

I must convey that if you ever felt so inclined to punish someone you can always grab the pestle out of the mortar in a pinch that would act as a great deterrent for bad behavior! Ha! This piece could also be used as a rolling pin because of the large size and sturdy construction. The handle is smooth from years of use but the sides of the pestle have experienced some splintering especially at the bottom. I would use a lint free dusting cloth for future attention otherwise the specks of toweling will get caught in the sections. Age cracks are present on the bottom and there is a small piece of wood missing from the edge near the top of the body. A couple nicks along with minor scratches are located on the handle. The edges near the top knob of the handle are worn from age but the patina is consistent throughout the entire piece.

This beautiful mortar and pestle is truly a “great find” and will lend warm, primitive charm to your homestead as soon as you receive it! Enjoy!

Overall height is 13 ¼” including the pestle, mortar only stands 7 ¼” tall, measures 5 ¾” across the top opening and measures 4 ¾” across the bottom. Pestle stands 10 ¼” tall, measures 1 ¾” across the top knob area, measures about 3” across the middle area and measures 3” across the bottom.

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