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Mother Hen and Baby Chicks Oil Painting


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What a wonderful painting that depicts a mother hen with her baby chicks sporting earth tone hues that are warm and inviting. This painting will grace any wall with style lending interest as well as creating a dramatic effect but is very sweet and endearing at the same time.

The age is unknown and there is no visible signature present even though I did not remove the canvas from the frame. The style of this painting reminds me of the “Old Master Oil Paintings” that were worked by skilled and talented artists in Europe before 1800. Of course, these “Master Painting’s” are usually unattainable as they are very expensive (in the thousands) but this nicely executed work of art is much more affordable.

The artist really captured this scene extremely well as this painting tells a story. I adore the chick with his back turned while his sibling seems to be very content on top of mama’s back with a “birds eye view”, no pun intended….. of her brothers and sisters that reside just below.

There is beautiful detail in all of the facial features especially the mother hen as shown. The colors are vibrant and you can see the well-executed brush strokes in this work of art. Harry helped with the photo shoot and placed the mice that rest above the frame to inspire whimsy to this special piece. The mouse on the left seems to be enjoying himself eating a little egg shell that Harry provided! Fun!!!

This painting does not have any fading, holes, rips or stains to report and the wood frame is also in excellent condition. There is no glass. The frame portrays a rustic appearance and has been painted with a "hit and miss" technique. It is in great condition! Crinkled up paper was used to cover the back and again fulfills an unsophisticated and primitive appearance.

You can set this on a table and use the wall as a backdrop while creating a scene just below using vintage chicks, eggs, prairie grass and the like that will offer an interesting focal point. Another idea is to incorporate farm animals arranged inside a fence with perhaps a folk art barn residing nearby. The decorating possibilities are filled with fun and enjoyment no matter where you decide to place this worthy piece of art! Enjoy!

Painting measures 19 ½” across, stands 15 ½” tall and is ½” thick.

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