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Norma Schneeman Doll Old Hooded Cradle Gathering Sweet


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I happened to have a nice conversation with this lovely handmade doll fashioned by, “Norma Schneeman” the other day. She conveyed how important it was for her to have a special doll cradle to call home and I could not help but accommodate her request! This sweet hooded cradle is the perfect size and the doll could not be happier! I added a special pillow made from an early coverlet for her comfort while also creating a grand accent piece to the cradle.

This cradle has grand form yet diminutive in size. The hooded feature that is not commonly found sports a gentle curved design in the front and mimics a gabled roof design lending a splendid architectural element as shown in images 7, 8 & 9. The hood gently elevates upward toward the overhang area of the cradle. This piece has plenty of presence and will fit nicely on a one drawer stand with complimentary accoutrements nearby. The luscious dark patina is pleasing with consistent wear in all the right places such as the edges, corners and bottom of the rockers. It is lightweight and beckons a special bedroom to call home.

One of the rockers just below the hood area pulled away from the cradle but thanks to Harry it was repaired with care. There is also a tight crack near the front of the rocker that runs up into the edge of the body as shown in image 19. The other rocker was also re-glued at one point in time and does have excess glue marks on the bottom as shown in image 17. Tiny nails were used in the construction and there are no chips to report. Not bad for a piece that is just about a hundred years old!

The sweet Norma doll is signed and dated (2009) as referenced in image 27. She is expertly fashioned and has been aged to perfection! There is no drawn on face. Her solid blue dress has a gentle sheen appearance and is as soft as butter! This doll is plain but her darling feet that are positioned in an opposing direction add great character and whimsy! She is in very good condition without any rips, holes or stains to report as well as no offensive odors.

An early coverlet piece was used to make this pillow that Norma loves! Indigo blue and buttermilk seem to rule the day on the front while a breathtaking calico with tiny mustard berries grace the back. Great condition without any issues to report!

What a wonderful gathering this would be for your bedroom as it has all the leading attributes that will create charming results sprinkled with a touch of whimsy! I really favor teddy bears, dolls and of course darling straw stuffed animals that can be presented on a shelf or child’s chair in the bedchamber! It just feels right and when you wake up you are immediately coddled with happiness… least I am! Enjoy!

Doll cradle stands 7 ½” @ the tallest point end of cradle hood, measures 3 ¾” tall (foot-board area) and measures 3 ½” (sides), measures 11” front to back and measures 4 ½” across the center. Doll stands 7 ½” tall, measures 2 ½” across the shoulders and measures 4 ½” across the bottom (dress) and measures ¾” thick. Coverlet pillow measures 4 ¾” across (right to left), measures 3 ¼” (top to bottom) and is 1” thick.

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