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Old American History Book and Hooked Rug Depicting Birds


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This next offering is just perfect to set out on a candle-stand or can even cozy up to an empty chair awaiting an interested reader. The hooked rug is also included along with the beautiful spray of prairie flowers.

This book entitled, “The South in the Building of a Nation” was copyrighted in the year of “1909”. The midnight black cover accented with a foliate gilded design represented in the four corners as well as in the center along with whimsical scroll elements lends special interest. I did tone down the gold color so it would not appear as bright using a wash of nutmeg brown paint.

The cover is loose from the binding but the back cover is intact. I am smitten with the rough ends of the pages as shown in image 16 as well as a picture of George Washington that graces the fourth page. Small age spots can be found on several pages but the binding is intact and all of the pages are accounted for.

The bearer of the book felt inclined to sign his name and date by way of a fountain pen on the second page as referenced in image 11. The somewhat marbled inside cover and first page are exciting details that lend a dramatic and artful appearance. The spine also exhibits a gentle foliate detail but does have evidence of wear as shown in image 8. Overall this book is in good condition and is also very thick.

I was able to acquire a friendly double bird hooked rug that fits perfectly atop the book. It is signed by the maker who resided in Nova Scotia. There is an interesting story about this particular area of Nova Scotia called “Cheticamp, Cape Breton” that I would like to share with you.

A cottage industry flourished in this area as many women, long ago would carefully hook rugs in their homes to be sold to tourists in gift shops over the summer season. Rug Hooking was a strong tradition in Cheticamp as this needlework skill has been passed from generation to generation for many years. Traditionally, small floral rugs were hooked on burlap implementing fine wool yarns from Quebec that incorporated soft color tones in the design.

The process included shearing wool from the sheep so it could be washed and later dried. The wool was then carded and met their fate with a spinning wheel. From there the wool was placed in a large pot that contained a specific dye and left there until the correct color was achieved. It was then removed, dried and stored awaiting a skilled hand.

This small mat lends vibrant color and depicts a pair of birds set on a branch rendering an array of leaves along with crimson berries. A whimsical flower holds high regard just above done in a soft peach hue. Both of the birds look almost identical except one has their mouth open possibly singing while the other seems to be an avid listener. The quality of workmanship is unsurpassed as each tiny hook individually worked joined by another eventually created a stunning still-life scene.

The back of this hooked rug is signed by the artist along with the place of creation, Nova Scotia by way of a card. This piece compliments the book splendidly because of the black neutral ground on the cover. You also have the option to separate the two for another decorating plan of your choice. What a wonderful way to welcome spring into your homestead that will bring color and renewed hope for warmer days that lay ahead……which also translates to an array of chirping birds that have gifted us with their return after a long winter!

Book measures 9 ¼” tall (front to back), measures 6 ¼” across (right to left) and is a little over 2” thick. Hooke Rug measures 8 ¼” tall, measures 4” across (right to left) and is 1/8” thick. Dried flower spray measures 6 ½” tall by 3” across @ the widest point.

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