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Old Bowl Wire Whisk Braided Rug and Eggs Farmhouse Gathering


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This next offering is sure to be a hit with those of you who enjoy the style of farmhouse decorating especially in the kitchen, buttery, milk house or larder! I was able to find a wonderful old bowl, wire whisk, a country braided rug and even some farm fresh eggs that are hand blown. I am still catching my breath over here from the force it takes to do this! All of these items are included with this gathering so it will be ready to set out on your kitchen table immediately to add instant country charm to your homestead!

I was able to find this primitive bowl at market recently and was drawn to it for the size and nice wear it has to offer. As I picked it up I found it was a deep bowl which was a plus as I knew a wire whisk I had at home would soon be it's counterpart. It is smooth to the touch and is out of round as well. The surface boasts a whisper of dry attic finish while the rest of the bowl has a nice warm maple color. There are no evident cracks and this bowl does not have a waxy feel either. I detected a very small red line on the back of the bowl as well as a couple of green lines that are close together but are hardly visible.

The bottom shows dark wear in a circle where it touches the surface it is placed upon. The inside has a combination of different color hues as the bottom and sides are a little darker from food preparation. Just a great old bowl that is in very good condition.

The antique wire whisk sports a dark color that absolutely pleases our finicky primitive palette with ease! This piece is smaller than the larger whisks that are more commonly found. It does look right at home in this deep bowl and becomes a nice reprieve from the butter paddles we usually use.

The end cap on this whisk is missing, see image 14, however the wire is in good condition without any improper bends. The handle is wire wrapped which is an indication it is an early piece and this handiwork really enhances the overall primitive look.

To soften this offering I added a nice braided rug that is a larger size. It is soft and the colors are strong and wonderful. This will fit in with any color theme you have in your home quite nicely. Cornflower blue, licorice, buttermilk, nutmeg and chocolate brown, aqua and berry red are just some of the fine colors that were incorporated into this interesting piece. It is fashioned from chenille and really reminds me of a farmhouse. There are no musty smells, odors, holes, rips or stains to report and this textile is in very good condition.

Of course a fine farmhouse gathering needs some fresh eggs that I am also including. You will receive three brown speckled eggs that are hand blown which you can add to the wooden bowl.

I envision an early farmhouse with a gentle breeze coming through the window that seems to sweep through the kitchen on an early spring day. This gathering graces a scrub top table that will soon be used to help prepare tonight's supper with great anticipation from the family! Enjoy!

The Bowl measures 11" across the top by 10 1/4" and stands 3 1/4" Tall. The Braided Rug measures 15 1/4" across by 15", a little out of round like the bowl, LOL! The Wire Whisk is 10" tall, 2" @ the widest point across the wire & approximately 1" across the wire wrapped handle. The Brown Eggs are 3" tall & 1 3/4" wide.

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