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Old Church Pew Book Rack with 19th Century Books


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This interesting church pew book rack fashioned from oak has endless decorating possibilities and promises to make a warm and dramatic statement in your home. The old books and hanging candle are included in this purchase but you can certainly separate these items if you so choose. The last image shows how this piece can also be used in a pantry, kitchen or buttery filled with wooden shallow bowls, plates or even small breadboards too!

There is a generous amount of graining in each piece of wood that creates plenty of character and interest. Please note: the first picture shows the true color of the book rack as does the last image. The dark grain set against a timid golden brown hue does make for an interesting piece. This book rack was fashioned using both nails and screws that have left a dark appearance surrounding these areas which is a result of an age related occurrence.

The stylized end pieces have nice form lending a soft scroll pattern which is an exciting detail feature as shown in image 10 . There are two holes on each end bracket to allow for hanging located at the top and bottom edge as referenced in image 5. Some small areas of minor scuffs and scratches can be seen in the front left hand side on the bottom rack, on the upper rack near the right and on the bottom right bracket as shown in images 1& 4 consecutively but is limited to these areas. Overall the condition is very good without any chips or cracks to report. The rack is very sturdy and is not too heavy.

Three old books that have the most fabulous worn covers also accompany the book rack. The first book entitled, "Palissy , The Hugeuenut Potter" (Images 21, 22 & 23) is missing some front pages including the title page that would have had a published date. However I feel confident that this book is from the 19th century. The story line pages are intact.

The second book entitled, "Life's Struggles or Uncle Jabez, The History of A Man whose Boyhood Was Spent in the School of Adversity" ( see image 18, 19 & 20) does not show a publishing date either but again dates to the 19th century. This is an ex library book from the "Elm River Township School District in Houghton County, Michigan. All pages seem to be accounted for.

The last book entitled, "The Sunny Path" (see images 14, 15, 16 & 17) also does not have a publishing date. However it is also from the 19th century. The last three pages have been cut out at the bottom but the upper half of the pages are intact. This is also an ex library book from the same Michigan library.

These books do not have a musty odor and also possess a great deal of desirable wear on both the front and back covers as shown. There are old remnants of labels that appear on the bottom area of the spine on each book.

A quaint hanging candle with a cheesecloth wrapped base hangs off of the first rack and was placed there as a reminder that these books could have been read by candlelight.

This gathering would make a great addition to your homestead whether it is placed in the kitchen with interesting pieces of treenware or could also grace a cozy bedroom wall with old books as pictured. Enjoy!

Book Rack measures 25" across (left to right), stands 10" tall and is 2" deep. Books are almost exactly the same size and measure almost 7" tall (top to bottom) and 4 1/2" across (left to right). The thickness does range from 3/4" to 1" & also 1 1/4".

~Freight (Standard Mail) included, however Insurance is optional and can be purchased for an additional $2.75 @ checkout ~ within the continental U.S.

~Freight (Standard Mail) included, however Insurance is optional and can be purchased @ checkout ~ within the continental U.S.

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