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Old Ladies Stockings Extra Long Midnight Black


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These interesting stockings are the longest pair I have ever seen and are slender to boot……no pun intended! I can envision using these for Halloween decorating and beyond.

The sweet “make ~ do” repairs were executed with a naïve hand and just goes to show the thriftiness people held in high regard back in the day. These have been gently washed by soaking in Woolite overnight and then line dried in the morning. There is some fading to the bottom of the foot area on both pairs but the rest of the black color is strong. A ribbed appearance gives this textile substance and the edge of the opening seems to gently flare out almost like a soft ruffle. They are fashioned from cotton and no printed mark from the manufacture is present which may indicate these stockings are very late 19th or early 20th century. These were worn to fit over the knee and provided cozy comfort especially on chilly days.

These can be hung over a quilt rack with other textiles or you can display them over the rim of an old wash tub in your laundry room. Another idea is to create a makeshift clothesline where textiles such as these can be set out and appreciated lending charming results! Enjoy!

Stockings measure 31 ½” tall, measures 4” from heel to top of foot which is the widest point and measures 3 ¼” across the ribbed area.

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