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Old Primitive Hardware Store Tool Apron with Whisk Broom


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What a unique offering that would look right at home hung from a Shaker Peg and absolutely captures that primitive style we all love! I chose this tool apron that has advertising from a Hardware Store called J. L. Lumber in Prescott because it has such a time ~ worn look!

The two pockets are a perfect fit for my gatherings that consist of an old Whisk Broom, Brown Bottle topped with aged cheesecloth, a newly hand ~ fashioned whisk broom and some aged burlap. The curvy dipper gourd holds center stage boasting wonderful form and warm earth tones. The neck was wrapped in aged string and hangs off to the left side attached to an old clothespin. The old whisk broom was wrapped with early wool at the top and conceals a metal cap. A touch of rust color excelsior was tucked into the pocket on the left just below the brown bottle to prop it up so it can be seen.

Of course, the heavier the items are the more difficult it is for them to stay in place and not lean forward. To remedy this, I stitched each item to the back of the bag in old homespun wool, to secure them for good! This bag will hang just as it is suppose to when it arrives and the only thing you have to decide is where to place it!

One of a kind offering that is really special! With the holidays fast approaching, you can also tuck some bittersweet inside the pockets for Autumn and add greens for Christmas too! Wouldn't that be a festive touch for your homestead!! Enjoy!

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