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Old Small Crate with Putz Sheep and Vintage Bottle Brush Trees Lit


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The holidays are just around the corner and this next one of a kind offerings is not only provocative sprinkled with plenty of Christmas magic but also has a touch of whimsy added that should delight any homestead. This piece does light up adding glowing charm to any cozy nook of your country home. See image 1.

The diminutive wooden crate has all the earmarks of appropriate age related features that include rounded corners, desirable nail bleed and golden to dark patina in the wood. The lid of this crate when I received it was mounted using an old piece of rubber tire at the top allowing it to be opened and closed with a swinging motion. By removing the lid it gave this piece more versatile decorating options that I took advantage of. Image 3 reflects the two nail hole impressions left behind in the wood after I removed the rubber piece and nails. Tiny LED lights (20 strand) was placed at the bottom and covered with a soft layer of aged cheesecloth. A darling Putz Sheep and two vintage bottle brush trees now reside on top of the cheesecloth base and are very happy with their surroundings. When lit the bottom of this crate comes alive with subdued light that enhances what is inside.

The LED lights are not battery operated but rather a "plug in" that can accommodate any extension cord or receptacle with ease. The blue collar on the Putz sheep is appropriately marked, "Germany" and she has a "red lipstick" mouth. She is in very good condition and there is no play in any of her sturdy legs. Her ears are not chipped either! There is some minor black paint loss on her feet and she also sports a long intact tail. Good girl!

I used the lid of this crate to act as a ramp so Miss Putz sheep can come and go at will. Note: If you would like to elevate the crate so the ramp is able to gain height in the back, you can use a piece of wood at the desired height and place it under the crate. I used an old gear bobbin spool for this temporary photo shoot but it won't suffice for a permanent display.

The two snow tipped bottle brush trees are in great shape and boast a crimson red wooden base. The larger tree has the sought after "flower pot" base that is unmistakably original!

This gathering is not only a fun piece to own but can also be used all through the dark and cold winter months to help brighten your day by adding cheerful glowing charm where ever it is placed! Enjoy!

The crate measures 6" across the top (widest point, across), 4 1/2" front to back & 3 1/2" deep. Crate Lid or ramp measures 4 1/4" across @ the tallest point, almost 3" across front to back & is 1/2" thick. The Putz Sheep stands 1 3/4" Tall including her head measurement, the body area is 1 1/2" tall, 1 1/4" from her nose to her tail & is 1/2" across her hind quarters. The smallest tree stands almost 2" tall & measures 1 1/4" across the widest point at the base of the tree. The larger flower pot tree stands 3 1/4" tall & measures 1 3/4" across the widest point at the base of the tree.

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