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Old Tin Coffee Grinder Bronson Walton Company


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Oh my, can't you just smell the fresh coffee brewing this early morn??? Of course you would first need to grind the coffee beans in a grinder such as this one which I am presenting for sale.

This tin coffee grinder, circa 1905, was called "None Such" and was manufactured by "Bronson Walton Co." from Cleveland, Ohio. It is pleasantly dressed in tin attire that has been painted coal black. The label is long gone. However, I fashioned a fabric label to take its place and stitched up the word "Coffee" using old black thread as shown in the first image. Simple vines and leaves, dotted with tiny red buds that were hand painted grace the left and bottom sides. I used double sided tape to keep this in place but it can easily be removed if you desire. The second image reflects the missing label with whispers of paper remaining on the left hand side.

I thought the overall look was quite dry so I gently polished it with "Liquid Gold" to bring back the luster. This grinder is tall and boasts great form. The black paint is missing in some areas near the top and bottom edges as shown in images 4, 5, 7 & 10 and also on the corners of the body. The hand crank is a little persnickety but does turn and there is a wooden knob located at the top. This piece also boasts an internal hopper.

The tin drawer was apparently not painted and the metal decorative knob seems to be original. There is a tiny bend in the tin located on the left hand corner near the top and solder marks are present on the front bottom edge as well as on the back as shown in images 11, 15 & 16. The dark surface on the drawer is delicious mixed in with some areas of light rust. The shape of this drawer is very pleasing sporting a curved back.

The opening where the drawer slides in also has several areas of surface rust as shown in image 10. A top cover swings out to reveal an opening where the beans can be added as shown in image 8. A metal, vertical handle located on the back right can be adjusted inward toward the body, see image 3.

The overall condition of this grinder is good but the original functionality will have to be overlooked as this grinder is now a decorative piece. The larger size will definitely get attention and the age related attributes add charm and flavor to this wonderful piece of kitchenware that held high regard back in the day. After all, everyone enjoys coffee whether it is to get your morning started or to end your day with dessert, after supper… this mandatory staple was common in most homes across the nation. Enjoy!

Coffee grinder stands 10 1/2" tall (measuring to the top of the knob), body itself measures 7 1/2" tall, measures 5 3/4" across the top front (6 1/4" across the bottom front) and measures 6 1/2" deep. The drawer measures 4 1/2" across the front, measures 4 1/2" deep and the inside measures 4" across (right to left).

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